Stop the hate toward us Billionaires

In Election Politics on August 7, 2010 at 20:00

Change.org talks about poverty as if it’s the fault of billionaires that some Americans are too lazy to be born into a rich family. Look, if a spirit chooses to land itself inside a crack-addicted mother in the South Side (you pick the city) then why is it the fault of the billionaires?

Well certainly we don’t want to pay for education programs that work for the nations South Siders cause that would just encourage them to look for work outside the car washing, telemarketing and dollar store industries and create competition for jobs in the worthy classes.

And we don’t want to pay for prenatal care away to mothers who got themselves pregnant because giving prenatal care would just encourage them to get pregnant again cause it’s so wonderful living poor with children. The more the merrier. “If only they could get prenatal care”, think liberals, the poor would breed more Democrats.

As for birth control, I know from a reliable source in the Center for the Advancement of White Babies (CAWB) that advertizing of Trojan condoms on television has increased teenage pregnancy by some certain percent that my source at CAWB is currently deciding on.

Tony Abbott of Australia’s center-right Liberal Party knows how to protect billionaires like our man Bush did with illionaire tax cuts. Yes, the Liberal Party in Australia is like the Republicans; everything spins backwards down under.

Now, US billionaires that have worked for years to rig the system so the tax cuts, government contracts and Congressional access went to them, have decided to “give it away now”  RHCP Video

Just when you lost all hope that the upper echelons of American society could demonstrate a streak of genuine humanity, a full 10 percent of our nation’s billionaires — call them the League of Extraordinarily Rich Gentlemen (and wives, plus Shelby White, the only woman in the group who isn’t currently married to a billionaire) — have pledged to donate over half their wealth to charity. That’s well over $100 billion that’s going to charity in the coming years.


But that’s not enough for some. Now liberals at Change.org have decided billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to buy their own Senatorial seats. Even though the Supreme Court basically said that it’s okay to buy elections for others.

If billionaires can’t buy elections, what are all the bank CEOs going to do with their money. They aren’t going to give it away are they? Thanks to the Supreme Court eliminating the campaign limits on funding campaigns, they can more easily buy elections with millions upon millions of unregulated cash payouts.

Now if you are libtard or hater or a person rubbing two brain cells together, I beg you NOT to call Congress to pass the Disclosure Act or other campaign finance reform. Protect Billionaires and Money first, put the poor last like they wanted it.

Congressional switchboard 800-828-0498

Just ask for the office of your Senator or RepresentativeHouse of Representatives: http://www.house.gov/house/house_comments.shtml
Senate: http://www.senate.gov/

Tex Shelters

  1. i really enjoyed this one…quite comical….

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  3. Yes Sir, the poor don’t deserve out well earn lucre.

    Thanks Lobo.

    Word Press is working fine so far.

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