Sarah Palin’s Sunday

In Election Politics, Humor on August 8, 2010 at 18:22

While the rest of you average Americans, whether Socialist Demoncrats or Real Americans, are traversing your mundane life of mowing lawns, watching baseball, sipping lattes in a cafe going to church, or sinning, Sarah Palin is hard doing God’s work and trying to save America. Here’s an average Sunday for the former Governor of Alaska turned savoir.

1. Refudiate the Devil (link)

2. Get protection against witches at her church (video)

3. Practice reading from her hands (video)

4. Curse Obama in church with a prayer, “Socialist Repent!”. (link)

5. Looking out her back yard at the scenic view of Russia. (link)

6. Brainstorm ways to exploit Trig for political advantage. (link)

7. Enjoy a scenic view of Denali National Park from helicopter while patriotically plugging wolves with an M-16. (wolf hunting plan for Alaska)

8. Outing to the Alaskan Wilderness to paint Mama Grizzlies bears Pink as Elephants. (link)

9.  Brain storm other animals she can use as metaphors for women republicans such as “Republican women are like hippopotamuses, if you jump in our water, you better be ready for the fight of your life”, or “Republican women are like Giraffes when it comes to our families; no branch is too high for us to feed our famliy from”, or “Republican women are like squirrels, always saving for a cold day and getting sustenance from nuts” or  “Republican Woman are like the giant beavers (read about Jesus Beavers) from when Jesus was around cause they loved Jesus too and they are home makers.”

10. Working on her new book, “How to Take Federal Money While Hating the Federal Government”.

Simply put, Alaska has made a habit of transferring its operating costs to the federal government. The state pulls out nearly two times as much money as it pitches in to the Treasury, a drain that looks especially bad in light of the state’s fiscal reality. Today, Alaska enjoys a healthy budget surplus, and it sits on a Permanent Fund of more than $39 billion. It also refuses to levy sales or income taxes on its citizens.


And much much more!  Have a great Sunday!

Tex Shelters

  1. hippopatamos sized beavers getting sustenance from nuts…hot damn, ain’t America grande!

  2. Lobo,

    Yes, it’s the nuttiest.

    Tex Shelters

  3. “…bearing a cross and wrapped in a flag.”


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