Net Neutrality and Internet Censorship

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Update on Net Neutrality

Shocking News: Google lied and they are creating a pack with Verizon to create two tiered or multi tiered  internet service as described below. This would recreate the world of haves and have nots that emulates the cable and radio industries when some media get the band with (the megacorps) and other will not (you and yours).

Send a note to the FCC and tell them to block this deal.


Net neutrality means that all internet (sic) information comes to your computer at the same speed. This means that all information is treated equally by the technology. The differences in the loading are about the speed of each computer and the amount of information in the download. Videos and images of course load slower than text.

Some companies want to sell preferred speeds to providers that can pay. That means the smaller providers and individuals would move slower in the WWW and thus has less of a presence. We already have that on the radio with higher watt stations having more reach and television with cable carrier picking what to carry and excluding others. Thus, our public access channels are either not carried on local cable or relegated to channel 99.

The internet (sic) is the only mass media that is even remotely democratic. Please protect it.

News on Net Neutrality and where to lodge concerns.

Save Net Neutrality!


Save the Internet


Google Denies and End to Net Neutrality


If Google makes the broadband deal, use another search engine. There are dozens of good ones.

Please call your representative (202-224-3121) and let your voice be heard on this issue.

Here’s is my message to Representative Gabrielle Giffords:

Honorable Representative Giffords:

We must keep the internet democratic and for all to use. An open internet means more messges and more views reaching more people. That is what democracy is all about. Please protect net neutrality and the free press.

Don’t Mess with Tex… Shelters–a muse about MySpace censorship

Tex Shelters is no longer blogging, posting articles, or using MySpace except to say goodbye to some old friends and checking out new bands. Here’s why.

I didn’t mind the fact that the right wing on MySpace was mostly a bunch of knuckleheads with Archie Bunker logic. http://www.archiebunkerquotes.com/4.html I didn’t mind that people would come on my blog and tell me I had a zero I.Q., or that I was in fact a self hating white liberal. I had dealt with all that and generally the right either ignored me, fired off a volley at me periodically, or came and debated with me. It was all good, really. We had a sort of detent, with me of course being the Soviet Socialist Republic in their struggle to defend America.

But MySpace was shrinking and had developed a reputation for being a place for adolescents. That image is in many ways false; there are many intelligent clear thinking adults of many stripes on MySpace, or at least there were when I started posting articles there about two and a half years ago.

I posted some very funny and good posts that will appear now and again in updated form here.

Their reputation, while being exaggerated, was becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I was never going to get some people to read my blogs on MySpace, nor was I going to get an audience, while lovely and loyal, much bigger than I already had on MySpace. To put it in business terms, there was no growth potential.

So I started looking around for options. I was going to keep posting on MySpace from time to time, for I like many of the writers and readers there. Then MySpace started blocking my blogs. They also made it impossible to post longer comments, or comments with video posts (even videos of your own creation) or images. And I couldn’t reply to comments on my blogs anymore or even get notifications that I had comments. I couldn’t even register a complaint about the service on MySpace. Their comments area kept telling me that I hadn’t filled out all the lines to post a complaint. That was it for me.

Was I targeted? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I was unable to blog at MySpace or comment on other blogs, and that was the end of it for me. I might go to listen to new bands there once in a while, but there is no other reason to stay on after saying goodbye to everyone there.

Take Action Against MySpace Censorship:

MySpace Censors Content Petition

Article about the Censorship


Not that I give a damn anymore, but I do care about those still blogging on MySpace, so:


More Censorship News

MySpace banning anti-war blogs and sites like the post by Tex Shelters about NOT bombing Iran



More News of Censorship

* its refusal to run a Common Cause ad about a political issue, urging people to send letters to the FCC to oppose media consolidation, as Rupert Murdoch was pictured as the symbol of big media
* its deletion of the most popular Murdoch parody profile (shown below)
* its deletion of several items and profiles with
homosexual-related content including the profile for the band Kids On TV


Ask a Ninja about MySpace Censorship


Get out of MySpace, bloggers rage at Murdoch

Angry members of MySpace, the personal file-sharing website for young adults, are accusing Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation of censoring their postings and blocking their access to rival sites.


Censorship on Digg.com

The popular networking site Digg.com has been buried by conservative bloggers who can’t stand alternative points of view.

You get to vote on posts at Digg.com, and conservatives have created packs of “readers” to vote down liberal blogs. They do this because they are too stupid to actually create reasonable counter arguments or write well-sourced pieces, so they resort to bullying tactics to get liberal posts effectively banned from Digg. To read more about this, read the article from Alternet.com


And to vote for Tex Shelters, go to Digg.com

There are thousands of other examples of MySpace censorship if you look for them.

Look, it’s free enterprise, but I prize freedom to enter what I want. So I won’t blog on MySpace, probably forever more.

Tex Shelters

  1. I’m with you on this one Tex. I have a lot of great friends on Myspace, but the time comes when you have to admit enough is enough. You’ll do more good over here than you would within the “glitchy” (or censoring) confines of Myspace.

    It feels good to be out from under the thumb of uncle Rupert. 🙂

    • Amen to that.

      I love the look of your page Moose. I have kept mine simple for now because I want to spend my time writing and not fooling with the look.

      Until Clear Channel buys my blog that is…

      Tex Shelters

  2. You were not singled out, Tex, for persecution by MySpace. I was targeted over a censorship issue – and I don’t even blog in news and politics. I blog solely in writing and poetry. MySpace is waging a hostile war on writers and poets, with restrictions on where we can post our work, restrictions on our ability to critique one another’s work and elimination of our ability to carry on discussions. We can no longer hold communal viewings and critiques of our poetry but have to use a time-consuming path to be able to show our poems, all written on a single theme and meant to be viewed in a single place – as in a museum exhibit. MySpace had apparently decided that too many poets meeting in a single place is a dangerous thing. It is savage. It is against the poets as well as the politicians.

  3. Leeza,

    I didn’t feel singled out, except as part of a groups.

    They don’t want people using MySpace?

    So be it.


    Tex Shelters

  4. I quit mYSPACE LAST NIGHT. mtrg KEPT MAKING NEW ACCOUNTS so no longer be blocked AND GETTING ON MY BLOGS AND CALLING ME c AN b WORDS KNOWING THE NEW MYSPACE BLOGS MADE IT WHERE i COULD NO LONGER ERASE HIS AWFUL EMBARRASSING MESSAGES!It was only a matter of time when others figures this out and goes crazy! I was tired of all the hate towards my blogs! By the way most of mine where positive sides of what little dear progress we are making instead of focusing on the evil spree in our government…so I guess that made me an easy target! And far as myspace changing well they have had a record loss in 24hrs.! I subscribe to your blog here and look forward to seeing what you are sharing next, you are brilliant blogger who has a good head on your shoulders! Yours truly former “SisterGoldenHair”…Keely!

    • Damn! On behalf of white guys everywhere, MTRG needs therapy and some shutting up.

      I admire women (and men) who have to deal with this and still retain their dignity. I don’t know if I would be so good at it.

      As far as WP goes, I’ll not let him comment, and once I approve of you and others once, I don’t have to in the future. And we can “dialogue”. Feel free to tell me I am incorrect anytime, and bring the evidence! Even I am wrong once a year, ha ha!


      Tex Shelters

  5. AS I said before ….so happy you are continuing blogs! I subscribed here and look forward to your next blog…Keely!

  6. Mr. Shelters:

    Just who the F^^k do you think you are, not filling out ALL the lines?

    It’s people like you who are making it possible for the Great State of Arizona to be overrun by hordes of blood-sucking Uruguayans.

    I, for one, will continue to fill out every last line until the evil invaders break into my house and replace every bottle of Coke with Yerba Maté.

    • WetBaloney,

      Only Sheeple fill out all the lines.

      We need more Uruguayans for the US soccer team so we can win the World Cup. But let’s keep out the Salvadorans, the pikers!

      Tex Shelters

  7. I’ve signed the petition, and I’ve read the articles. Interesting how the owner of myspace is inspired by Communist China.

  8. Thanks for leaving a trail for us. T!! here – Thomas. I guess I didn’t say anything controversial enough in my blogs over there because I haven’t encountered the problems you did. Keep up the good blogging, keep fighting the good fight

  9. Lika,


    Tex Shelters

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