Sarah Palin has secret talks with Russia

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An aid to Sarah Palin revealed that she has been having secret meetings with Russian ministers from Putin’s inner circle about a joint Russian/United States plans to destabilize the Iranian government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The goal was, is, to destabilize the Islamic nation in time for an October surprise to derail Obama’s reelection bid in 2012 and also bring Iran onto the brink of political and economic collapse. Is this an attempt by Palin to get elected, is she just trying to bring an end to the Obama government or is she hoping to get someone in her party elected?

Palin, through the FSB (the new KGB), has suggested to Putin over email that the secret service get radical Iranian Imam’s to come out against the Ahmadinejad government and call for massive protests in Iran’s major cities just before the 2012 U.S. elections. This would be in exchange for future economic considerations. It was even hinted that a weapons exchange with Colombia to get money to support the new Imam revolution was in order. Putin’s government, along with the new Palin administration (?) would divide up the oil fields and licenses in Iran and share the oil and the profits. Both Russia and the United States would provide extractive and refining technology (making Iran pay for the technology) and as has been hinted by Palin’s aid, Iran would become a passive nation no longer a threat to the region. At least that is what Palin’s aid thinks.

During the Vice Presidential Debates, Palin signals to her handlers in Russia.

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If you believed this article, you did so because you WANTED to believe it. You have a dislike of Palin and that has clouded your judgement. That’s okay, it happens to me and everyone else.

I offered no proof of this story at all. People will believe all sorts of nonsense when it is attacking a person we politically detest. That is why so many people think Obama is a Muslim although there is no credible evidence for this.

Here isΒ  what the right does to attack Obama. They find something that has a modicum of truth and exaggerate it out of proportion. Then they use the language of fear to tap into the concerns of their constituents regarding immigration, taxes, gun control and America. For example, the current nontrovery over the NYC mosque, that isn’t a mosque, taps into fear of Muslims, foreigners and dark skinned people. So it doesn’t matter whether there is any truth in the stereotyping of Muslims. It strikes at the fear centers of the brain (the brain stem), as far away from the thinking brain, the cortex, as possible.

People call the video that follows “evidence” or him being Muslim. In the video below, Obama was making the point that McCain did NOT call Obama a Muslim. And so? Here is the out of context quote used “evidence” Obama is a Muslim:

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Saying something like “Obama is a Muslim” does NOT make it so.

And to a deeper point; so what if we elect someone who is Muslim. (Which would never happen in the United States, at least for another 100 years or more.) People act like electing a Muslim is akin to having a rapist or serial killer in the White House. It cuts into the deep-seated bigotry against Muslim-Americans in this nation.

As Salaam Alaikum,
Tex Shelters

  1. That’s hilarious dude.

    You had me going.


  2. Thanks “dude”.

    Good to see you again. Say hi to Hannibal.

    Tex Shelters

  3. sounded like that old chestnut “october suprise”. the old ways are indeed the best ways.

    btw tex…ya got me!

  4. UJ,

    I guess I made the story believable enough. Thanks!

    Since Obama was elected, there have been an outrageous number of obvious lies perpetrated by the right against Obama. It just goes to show that we all have to be careful not to be duped.

    I have been fooled to believe BS in the past and I will try to be more aware in the future lest my zealousness get the best of me.

    Tex Shelters

  5. This is the the type of thing that keeps liberals on the ropes (constantly fighting against the waves of lies). Perhaps of we started making up stuff about them, they’d spend more time fighting lies and less time getting one over on the nation.

    • Yes Moosehammer, Democrats try to fight this BS. Liberals go after the problems like the giveaways to the rich, the oil deregulation, unemployment and failure to help home owners, etc.

      The problem is there are too few in Congress that stick to any principles. And those are the real liberals.

      Tex Shelters

      • I keep hoping to see the “Two Al’s” make a bid for the whitehouse together. Franken/Grayson 2012 has a refreshing ring to it.

        • Wow, if nothing else the two Als would be entertaining.

          Who would head the ticket on that one Moosehammer?

          Tex Shelters

          • I think Franken would do well as president since he can be really levelheaded, even when dealing with raging teabaggers. That would also free up Grayson to be the rampant attack dog that says the things that the president can’t.

            • Moosehammer,

              Your right. I didn’t think of it that way. And I think Franken would also stand up and be heard when needed. But Grayson would be the Mama Grizley of that pair.

              Tex Shelters

  6. Despite whether anyone would believe me or not, I didn’t believe the story for a moment, because I knew damn well Palin does not have that kind of political clout, and I doubt Putin would work with her if she did. But your point is well taken and sadly too true, that most people tend to belive all manner of crap without any real evidence…hence religions, monetary systems, etc. But to have a Muslim int he White house would not be that far off from having a rapist or killer. I said, Muslim, not Arab. Because, even if the Muslim in question had never done any rapes or killings, he would likely find justifications for it in the Qu’ran.

  7. Elsololobo,

    I know Muslims and you have just slandered over a billion people with your stereotyping.

    The Qu’ran is like the bible; You can find whatever you want in it. Besides, not all self identified Muslims follow or know enough about the bible, and many interpret is as a book of peace. And then there are the terrorists. But that’s few of the Muslims in the world.

    However, I totally believe that you weren’t fooled. You understand that Putin wouldn’t work with her and she’s not clever enough of devious enough to work with the master politician.

    Tex Shelters

  8. I’ve learned to factcheck everything and everyone. Even the supposed factcheck sites of whatever political persuasion, including the supposedly non-partisan ones. (It ain’t just Republicans who lie, Virginia.)

  9. Oops. Forgot I can’t post pictures here…

  10. LS,

    Actually, you should be able to post the html code if the photo is from photobucket. I have.

    Tex Shelters

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