Enough already about 9/11

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I kicked an Englishman in the balls today in remembrance of Bloody Sunday and the atrocities there. I burnt Oxford editions of the collected works of Shakespeare, the British playwright of terror, for good measure.

Throwing bricks through the window of a sushi restaurant satisfied my lust to get back at the Japanese for Pearl Harbor. I do that every December 7. Then I had to smash this big snouted Roman in the nose for their besting the Celtic leader, Queen Boudicca. I stabbed a priestly cab driver for all the pedophilia and betrayal by other Catholic priests.

Then I gathered some patriots to spit on some Christians as they left their holy church of terrorist training for bombing Oklahoma City’s Federal Building. We also spray painted “Jesus Freaks” on the side of several Christian terrorist training centers. It was the Protestants that killed my Irish ancestors, so we had to go on and burn a few Christian churches (and their terrorist training manual, the Bible) in the process. That will show those Prods that we are right and they are wrong.

Honor the dead, but don’t use their deaths as an excuse to hate, discriminate, hurt and kill others.

Self proclaimed super patriot’s scream, “We must never forget.” Forget what? Forget that you irrationally fear and hate all Muslims based on the actions of a tiny group of fundamentalists?

I know I am going to get some flack for this, but shut up about 9/11 already. I also sense that I am saying what many others out there have been thinking.

How about using the historical tragedy as a call to promote peace. Or is that too close to the original message of Jesus?

The article “The United States of Fear” states well how we have sold out our freedoms in the name of fear.

Read what Moosehammer has to say about the Qu’ran burning folks.
Or read about the “Remember 9/11 and hate on all Muslims” crowd.

Tex Shelters

  1. I wonder what the founding fathers would say if they could see the fear culture that is thriving in America nowadays. I wonder what words they would share with these so-called “Patriots”.

    It gets me how so many of these folks hump the 911/fear bandwagon when we still haven’t gotten a real investigation and explanation of what really happened on that day. I guess Truthiness trumps logic in their minds.

    • Are you a Truther Moose hammer? Truthers are just as nutty as the Birthers in my mind. Here’s the truth, some Islamic Nuts hijacked some commercial jets, flew them into some buildings killing thousands in the hope of reaching paradise with their made up god and prophet. Pretty simple, we don’t need an investigation into that, do we?

      • Jake,

        I can’t say what Moosehammer was thinking, but there are certainly parts of the investigation, like where the terrorists trained and how they got their money, that is still in question. But I think you summed it up well. Islamic Nut with a little training, a plan, and some planes.

        It was a tragic day, and while I will remember it, I won’t use it to abuse others or remain ignorant like the “war is always good” folks.


        Tex Shelters

    • Yea truthiness!

      Thanks Moosehammer.

      Tex Shelters

  2. “How about using the historical tragedy as a call to promote peace. Or is that too close to the original message of Jesus?”

    That would be fine Tex if we didn’t have millions of Islamic nuts in a self proclaimed holy war with us. With some nutty Preacher leading 50 of his followers to burn Qurans on 9-11 and everyone getting their panties in a twist about it, I don’t know what this place is coming too. There are hundreds of videos online of people burning the fairytale books of the 3 major religions and you don’t see the coverage of them as this preacher is getting. Tex it’s all BS in my mind, Hell burn the Quran, burn the Bible and burn the Torah, who cares? I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, in my eyes they might as well be burning a book about the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause. For the record, I will never forget 9-11-2001 and I will do anything I can to piss in the Islamic Extremists cheerios. I’m indifferent to people wanting to believe if Fairytales, but I have deep seated disdain for organized religions no matter who their made up god is.

    • SO if you will never forget 9/11 when will you show your hatred toward Egypt? And the people who dislike US foreign policy towards Isreal. I havet seen ANY evidence linking religion to 9/11 except a blurry tape of bin laden calling it a holy war, and lets not forget that the tape was released after he was on national TV condemning the acts of 9/11. I also find it interesting that the CIA has admitted to circulating gay tapes of him, and GW Bush flew his parents out of the US after the attacks. Yup nothing fishy here.

      • Chris,

        Bush was incompetent and protected the Bin Labens. But he was also to incompetant to plot any thing.

        Bush just looked the other way. I am still waiting for evidence of more.


        Tex Shelters

        • I dont think bush did it, didnt say he did.

          I think the guy that they caught and admitted to doing it did it.

          And then the politicians went looking for false guys to put the wrap on to achieve there goals. I think that history backs me up on this.

          • Chris,

            I wasn’t sure what you were saying, and basically, I agree, though I have read evidence that Bin Laden help organize and fund the operation.

            Regardless, I won’t use 9/11, nor will you or others, as a reason to abuse members of the Muslim faith. I try to disprove all monotheistic religions equally.

            Tex Shelters

    • Jake,

      I piss on you Santa Clause too! Hey hey, ho ho, fundamentalists have got to go!

      I don’t know about “millions” or Islamic Extremists, but there are too many and that is why I like the recent interfaith discussions.

      Tex Shelters

  3. Very well said, my friend.

    Of course, the hate and fear mongers only remember what they feel like remembering. Funny how few seem to remember all of the Muslim-AMERICANS who were killed when the towers went down. The families of those Muslim-AMERICANS must be about as thrilled to be lumped in with the terrorists as that Jesus fella you mention would be thrilled to be coopted by folks like that hate-twisted book-burning “minister”.

    And then there are the folks like our Jake who here just don’t get that “Where one burns books, one will soon burn people” (Heinrich Heine) and once folks like the Xtian Taliban get going, folks like Jake are just as likely to wind up tied to The Stake as folks like you and me…

    • ““Where one burns books, one will soon burn people” (Heinrich Heine)”

      Little Sun, if we were confiscating all the Qurans or Bibles and burning them all, you would have a Valid Point, let’s get real though, we are talking about a few copies being burnt in protest, Big Difference, Huge. You mention being burnt at the stake, why aren’t people protesting the reaction of the nuts to the first nuts? Do you think blowing stuff up or raping nuns is a measured reasonable response to some cartoons, burning a book or some words spoken? I think not. BTW no matter how distasteful it may seem whether burning a Quran, Bible or a Flag it is protected under the first amendment and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

      • From your previous posts here, Jake, it has seemed to me that you have supported denial of the Constitutional right to religious freedom, i.e., freedom for Some, rather than freedom for All. Perhaps I misunderstood.

        While I definitely agree the Koran burners have the right to freedom of speech, I also have the right to denounce their behavior. Apparently unlike you, I am alarmed by it, because I believe there comes a point when freedom of speech indeed edges over into incitement to violence which is NOT constitutionally-protected. What you see as “a few copies being burnt” and apparently dismiss as no big deal, I see very very differently. But then again, I belong to several marginalized groups and I and many of my loved ones have directly experienced the violent results of what happens when hate speech crosses that line and flashes over into incitement to violence. Just yesterday, I held the hand of yet another kid whose face was smashed in due to exactly that kind of thing. Many of my loved ones have died as a direct result of such.

        So, being someone who believes I must stand for equal rights for everyone, even people I don’t like, if for no other reason than to try to protect and/or gain my own (I personally still don’t have all equal rights supposedly afforded to all citizens thanks to the hatred and fear of people who have succeeded in denying me my full rights as a natural born citizen), I support both the rights of Muslim-Americans and I support the rights of the hate-twisted Koran burners—up until the point that the exercise of their rights truly impinges on the rights of others–as in crossing into criminal behavior terrority, whether it be directly acting out violence or directly inciting it.

        Again my perception, however accurate or inaccurate: It seems you often veer into what seems to be a straw man decrying of some mythical unreferenced support by somebody somewhere of abhorrent behavior by Muslim extremists. And so I wonder: Can you cite anyone anywhere (other than the relatively small percentage of Muslim extremists within the larger whole of Muslims around the world) who have publicly supported the abhorrent behaviors pretty much everyone I know, regardless of political stance definitely does decry?

        • Little Sun, truth be told, the religions that annoy me most are those that proselytize door to door like some independent Baptist, the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses here in town. I don’t like being bothered by them in my home. I don’t care what they choose to believe but when they start pushing it at my front door I can get pretty confrontational with them. Like I always have said, I lean heavily toward the Libertarian mindset, but operate in the Republican Party Nationally and the Democratic Party Locally for local elections. I am also an Agnostic since the age of 12-14 but was born and raised Catholic.

          • Nice of you to share, Jake. But I really do not get what that has to do with what I’ve asked…

    • LS,

      I wouldn’t lump Jake in with the “not getting it” crowd as much as the “respectfully disagree” crowd.

      It is important to remember the idea of “American” and one of the things I admire about our nation is that we can be Native American, and Irish American, and Muslim American, and Jewish American, and so forth. But the fundies want to lump us into American and Not American.

      You are right that Jake would be on the stake just after you, then me.

      Tex Shelters

      • Little Sun,

        In general, I think people confuse freedom with what’s beneficial to all. Frankly, if the media didn’t advertise Jones with attention, it wouldn’t really matter. However, I hope that he doesn’t represent a small group of people that would burn Qu’rans, arrest legal immigrants cause they aren’t white, put Muslims in internment camps, etc. This kind of intolerance will lead to more violence if it isn’t condemn from the start.

        Tex Shelters

  4. “…Jake here who just don’t get…” (Sorry, haven’t had my coffee yet.)

  5. The KKKhristians like to spreads gods word by burning witches for the women, crosses for the blacks, and now the koran for the muslims.
    Yeah for bigotry !!

  6. this is funny. I like this alot.

  7. Dogman,

    Thanks! I really like to hear that it’s funny, for I want to make a point using humour.

    Tex Shelters

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