NPR lets the lies lie, again

In Current Events, Economics on September 11, 2010 at 15:39

On Saturday morning, I heard yet another Republican (Tom Price of Georgia) lie about taxes and deficits on the radio. And yet again, the NPR interviewer let the Republican get away with it. This is a common practice on NPR, and while this is not news to most of you, it must be news to the interviewers since they are constantly accomplices in this lying.

Listen to the audio clip of this interview here.

“Let’s not rob from Peter to pay Paul,” is a common catch phrase that Republicans use when discussing deficits and tax cuts. How about letting Peter pay a little more because he’s a billionaire who benefits from our government’s good works in roads, security, trade promotion, and so forth?

When asked how the tax cuts would hurt small businesses, the Tom Price of Georgia said, “Most small businesses that are successful and virtually all small business that would create jobs…has an income of more than $250,000 would have their taxes raised.” That’s a lie. Only 3% of small businesses would have their tax cuts raised. Also, Mr. Price fails to acknowledge that the small business, under the bill, would get tax cuts for domestic hiring. So Price is lying to protect his benefactors, huge corporations. He’s not looking out for small businesses.


So there are two solutions for this. If you want to protect the S companies (small buisinesses), make an exception for that 3%. Or, you can live in the real world and allow the rate to go from 36% to 39.6%, assuming these businesses get enough write offs and that they can afford the extra taxes to help sustain the infrastructure these businesses rely on.

Another lie is about the Reagan economy and tax cut reducing deficits. “When you decrease taxes…a by product is more revenue for the federal government.” A look at the years of tax cuts under Bush shows us that this is an outright fabrication. Reducing taxed RAISED the deficit. The second whopping lie from this Republican was that “President Reagan prove it”, proved that you could cut taxes and that would reduce deficits.  Anybody who can read knows that is a lie. Even the Washington Post. The deficit went up under Reagan.   http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Ronald_Reagan/Ronald_Reagan_Legacy.html

So why didn’t Mr. Simon challenge these lies?

1. He doesn’t think that is his job.

2. Simon didn’t have time. In the NPR format, there is no time for follow up questions like there is on talk shows.

3. NPR knows that they get their money from Congress. If Congressman Price and the other deficit liars run Congress after the 2010 elections, they might cut of the tap to NPR if they get questioned too directly about the deficit and other economic voodoo.

4. NPR doesn’t want to draw attention to itself or standout as a real news organization, for it might lose them readers and donations from conservative listeners.

Whatever the reasons, NPR morning shows constantly let their guest lie, Republican and Democrat, in order to stay a part of the establishment. MSNBC and CNN do a better job interviewing and challenging the liars, and Jon Stewart of the Daily Show is a master of the confrontational interview. Stewart gets away with challenging these statements by flattering his guests and by his show being a vanity press. It gives you cache to be on the daily show.

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Watch or listen to Democracy Now http://www.democracynow.org/

or True Grit http://www.grittv.org/ among others.

Read the alternative dailies like Daily Kos. Follow their blog list to find more alternative news.

Read my blog and follow the links posted my me and my readers. Thanks to all!

Best of all, think for yourselves and fact check everything, except for his blog of course, ha ha.

Tex Shelters

  1. NPR is milquetoast. Always was. Stewart is a miracle. Kos is good. NPR was never a good news source – because of funding issues.

    • Leeza,

      You got it. However, there are people like Diana Rehm who will ask the follow up questions I have in my mind, and she’s on NPR.

      It seems like outrageous lies, from the right, left or center. But alas, it’s not news, it’s an outlet for political editorials.

      Tex Shelters

  2. Most people believe that NPR is impeccable! It’s like “I watch only channel 13” (public TV) – people say that as if it confers on them the title of Certified Public Genius.

    • Amazingly, the big “they” have managed to even turn the words, “class war”, on us, the People. Of course there is a “class war” raging, and we are losing and losing and losing as we are increasingly tricked to fighting among ourselves and fighting for the Corporate Masters.

      As for journalism… I hate to say it, but even your suggested alternatives sometimes forget the basics of actual journalism… sigh. I wonder what the heck they teach in journalism schools, these days…?

      • Little Sun,

        Yes, even the alternatives, except for you and I of course, fall flat. But at least they attempt to do some investigation. And Alternet, for example, sometimes has some knee jerk reactionary material (and I’m a liberal!) that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Although, some writers I like are almost always spot on. So perhaps reading certain writers is the best way to go.

        Tex Shelters

        • We need some sort of vetting service with info like: this article is actual journalism, not for entertainment purposes; this writer has a journalism degree and did not get it from a fake college and/ or did not graduate at the bottom of the class; this article actually fact-checked; this interviewer actually did some background research before the interview and won’t let lies stand unchallenged; this writer will try not to make errors, but if one is made, will own up to it and correct it in a big and public way; etc., etc.

          I am many things, sweet Tex, but I ain’t no journalist. I humbly bow before your perfection 😉

          • Little Sun,

            I am a student and a writer with a couple degrees and a yearning to learn. Some sort of “warning label” would be great. Perhaps you can help me come up with one.

            I try not to make errors and usually admit to them if called out and upon further review I am found wrong.

            The fact that people have said I write articles that are too long, or have too many links, or is dense, tells me that what I write isn’t half bad half the time.

            One label to start with could be “for entertainment purposes only” for redstate.com It could be an adjunct to factcheck sites.

            I like it. Thanks for the idea!

            Tex Shelters

    • LC,

      It’s amazing how many people think NPR is the end all be all. I like to call those folks “New York Times” liberals.

      My ex, and my brother and NPR true believers.

      Tex Shelters

  3. silly me. i’ve always heard that npr was a gub’mint supported haven of godless, commie pinko, libruls.

    • Uncle Jailbird,

      Yes, “it’s the liberal media”.

      Well, if it’s the liberal media, Bush was a compasionate conservative, and Pam Geller is NOT anti-Muslim.

      Tex Shelters

  4. It must be some sort of sick coincidence, but this link was auto-listed by wordpress at the foot of your blog as “possibly relevant”.


    Just more proof that catering to the Neocon base will get these folks nowhere. Either you’re 100% in their pocket, or you’re public enemy #1.

    I’m hoping Obama and his fellow blue dog types will get the hint in time to get a chance at round two. Otherwise we might as well sell our souls to Darth Cheney and Emperor Rove.

    • Moosehammer,

      Yes, I saw the link. Interesting that there is that link, but it’s a terrible read. So, some people call the Teaparty people idiots. And so?

      The media is really irrelevant in many ways in this nation.

      Tex Shelters

  5. Npr is just the left side of fox news. Its all bullshit propaganda funded by corporations and government.

    Ive been watching RT for news, the internet will eventually bankrupt major news media just like it did with the record industry.

    Im soon going to be doing my own tube news stuff soon.
    The truth will be told if I have to tell it myself god damn it.

  6. Check this out… a little something sorta relevant to both your last blog and this one:

    News International plan to sponsor academy school causes concernCritics of Rupert Murdoch alarmed by ambitions to enter Britain’s education sector


    • Now that’s scary. I guess brainwashing adults wasn’t destroying the world fast enough for him.

      • One thing much of the Convervative sphere understand is that running the schools is a good investment to ruining the minds and thinking process of pre-adults and then the nation.

        Tex Shelters

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