We Need to Bring Back the Values of the Founding Fathers

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Tex Shelters here, President of the Southern Central Arizona Teaparty (SCAT). We at SCAT want to take back America. We want to bring back the ideals of the Founding Fathers that made this country so great and that Obama has taken away by being black, Muslim, and a socialist, only one of which is the true motivation for my distaste for him.

On NPR, the ultra liberal radio outlet of communist America, the leader of the American Family Association and major Tea Party promoter was on to defend America.

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He says, “The country needs to…be brought back to the same cultural and social values of the founding fathers.” I agree and I will explain how great the Founding Fathers were on EVERYTHING!

He has a “belief in natural marriage and defend against the gay social agenda.” Yes, the gays are promoting their sexual agenda by having sex.

We definitely have suffered by going away from the Founding Fathers since 1781. We need to bring back America to the days of the Founding Fathers:

1. The founding Fathers believed God should run everything! Bring back God from the atheistic liberals who believe in the myth of NOT GOD!

Let’s look at Thomas Jefferson, the main writer for the Declaration of Independence. He believed in God so much that he only mentioned Him once in the document. He liked the Bible so much he cut one up to make his own version.

What about James Madison? James Madison, architect of the Constitution, was a forgetful man. That is why he didn’t put the word “God” in the Constitution. He forgot. I am sure there were post-it notes on his desk that reminded him, “write Article 8 to the Constitution that talks about God being the best”, but he misplaced it.

And what about John Adams? John Adams was a Unitarian, which proves how much he believed in Jesus Christ. So what if Unitarians don’t force their congregation to pledge a belief in a Christian god. What does that have to do with Adams?

Moreover, he supported the use of religion for war when he said, “As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, and legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the bloodiest religion that ever existed?” (ibid). That proves that we’re right to use religion to kill, and that comes from John Adams himself.

So you see, our Founding Fathers were religious and that part in the Bill of Rights that says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” was just in case Muslims ran Congress and it was not meant that if we had a Christian Congress we couldn’t establish the one true religion as our national religion.

So let’s bring America back to the kind of Christianity we think they meant we were supposed to have.

2. We need to rid America of the Constitution because the Founding Fathers didn’t want that.

The Hernando County Tea Party Writes,

“We believe and fight to bring back the system of governance our founders created back on 1776. Our founders did not create a Federal Imperial Union but created a divisible Republic composed of various sovereign States, and Commonwealths which voluntarily united into an American Union.”

“Thanks to the complete abandonment of States’ Rights as outlined by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the authors of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution we are going through an economic and societal meltdown, precipitated by the reliance on a central Imperial government to solve the problems that we allowed them to create.” (link)

Yes, life was better before we started giving out rights like condoms at an AIDS clinic and declaring independence and stuff. Who needs laws and courts? That’s not what the founding Fathers wanted cause Jefferson and Madison, main writers of much of that un-American stuff like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, were NOT founders.

3. We Must Go Back to the Founding Documents of America, especially the Constitution!

In Gainsville Florida, the Tea Party says,

“The Declaration and the Constitution have been relentlessly attacked in modern times.  Our own President has implied that our Constitution’s ideas are flawed.  The professors in our law schools deride its relevance.  Progressives would have it be as malleable as silly putty.  But We the People recognize that the Declaration and Constitution have served as the bedrock of our freedom for hundreds of years.” (link)

So, one Tea Party group attacks the Constitution and the next says the President has attacked it. Let’s hope our Tea Party folk don’t look in the mirror and stop attacking the President.

4. Bring back our Guns!

We need to take our guns and “turn them on moderate Republicans.”

Guns are protected in the Constitution, in case you didn’t know. Obama has been traveling around the nation using his Kenyan voodoo powers to our guns. Moreover, the Founding Fathers like Washington handed out guns to shoot at their enemies, the British. Our enemies are now the moderate Republicans, so we need to hand out guns to all the Tea Party loyalists and go on the hunt.

Here are some other ideals our Founding Fathers believed that we must return to:

1. Slavery. The Founding Fathers knew slavery was good for our economy, and we need to bring back that practice because our Founding Fathers supported it and our economy could use a boost and more employment.

2. Take back the vote. The Founding Fathers knew that slaves will never vote, and that prohibition should be brought back with slavery. We need to also take the vote back from women (too emotional), 18 year olds (too emotional) and landless men (too poor to matter).

3. Bring back our colonial relations with the Native Americans. The Founding Fathers knew how to treat the natives. We have been coddling them and it must stop. No more free lunch for illegals.

4. Stop protecting workers. Not only must we get rid of the minimum wage that our Founding Fathers knew was so terrible so they never passed it, we must get rid of workman’s compensation. The Founding Fathers knew that if workers got injured, it was all their fault. Thus, they didn’t have protections to baby the workers.

5. Stop educating everyone. The Founding Fathers would have never educated everyone. They knew that universal education should only be for themselves and their wealthy friends, land owners of course.

6. End all bioscience and “playing God”. In the good old days of America, during the time of the founding fathers, they didn’t allow women to get abortions for any reason, including rape and incest. And Republican Tea Party babes like Palin, Angle and O’Donnell want to bring us back to the good old days when a man could rape a woman and become a father.

And we must stop using other bio-technology that the founding fathers would NEVER have used like stem cell research, cloning and the rampant use of antibiotics. Our founding fathers would never have used antibiotics, and we shouldn’t either.

7. Bring back abstinence. As Christine O’Donnell, Delaware’s Tea Party Candidate for the Senate says, “If he can please himself, then why am I in the picture.” Protect a woman’s place in the bedroom; stop masturbating.

Exactly, why are you in the picture Miss O’Donnell? To remind us that the founding fathers didn’t lust I guess.

Jefferson never lusted after anyone but his wife or had several children with anyone like a slave girl, and thus he is a role model for us all.

Franklin never lust before he was married or had a child out of wedlock, I am sure of it.

So stop lusting America. And if you stop having desires, it will be easier to vote for the Tea Party candidates, for they will make sure you have nothing left to desire when they are through with you.

Tex Shelters

  1. I’m thinking you’ve got the “founding fathers” thing a little mixed up. It looks to me that these folks want a return to the values of their real founding fathers:

    But perhaps with a little free market twist…

    P.S. A Tea Partier recently explained to me that women don’t masturbate. Learn something new (and more mind-boggling) every day from these folks…

  2. Little Sun,

    Was this Tea Partier a man or a woman?

    Either way, they are missing out on something beautiful.

    Tex Shelters

    • Looks like the pictures I posted didn’t show up because your blog is rejecting html codes again, so my comment doesn’t really make sense… Not quite the same with direct links, but here goes…

      I’m thinking you’ve got the “founding fathers” thing a little mixed up. It looks to me that these folks want a return to the values of their real founding fathers:

      But perhaps with a little free market twist…

      • Re: the P.S.

        A woman, sadly. She kinda sorta ran away, bless ‘er, when I told her that I’ve taught women’s sexuality classes and that there were a lot of books out there on female onanism if she thought that others didn’t masturbate because she, herself, didn’t know how 😉

        I say, “kinda sorta ran” because she tripped a lot since she kept looking back my way. Amazing the poor woman didn’t turn into a pillar of salt just talking to the likes of this heathen.

        • Little Sun,

          It was good of you not to turn her into a pillar of salt.

          It’s one thing to be inexperienced. It’s a whole other thng to judge others for being different, perhaps experienced.

          Tex Shelters

      • Little Sun,

        I looks like you are using the url and not the embedding code to link the pictures. When I go to the HTML, I get the pictures.


        Tex Shelters

        • I put the html codes in the original post but they were disappeared. That’s why I used the url codes when I re-posted.

      • Testing 1, 2, 3

        salem Pictures, Images and Photos

        Tex Shelters

        • It like you but doesn’t like me? I’ll try a html again…

          • No picture, at least on my screen. I can see yours, but not mine. Disappeared again… (Feel free to delete our tests 😉

  3. Truth be told, Freemasonry created this country. Many of our founding fathers were freemasons.

    Our Founders believed in God, they just didn’t say which God.

    While God is mentioned allot Jesus is not.

  4. Jake,

    Good point. I don’t remember seeing “Jesus” in any founding document, God seldom, and “creator” was used instead.

    Tex Shelters

    • Well the core of Masonry is the belief in a Creator, it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to as long as you acknowledge the existence of a Creator and that all rights of men come from the Creator. Like I said, our Country was based on Freemasonry and it’s beliefs not a particular religion or faith. Truth be told I don’t think the founders would have thought much of my agnostic views or of others Atheistic views.

      • Well, Thomas Paine for one would salute you Jake. And Franklin was a deist, and they are even weirder than agnostics, ha ha.

        Tex Shelters

        • Bring back our Guns!

          I missed this…lol

          Does that mean we will be able to have duels again? Tex, taking my lead from Zell Miller and our Founding Fathers I challenge you to a duel Sir.

  5. Another rocking blog. I don’t know much about the FF’s…I imagine they get “distorted” a lot by both sides. I just wish they had said something about term limits on all politicians, but no we get life long judges, life long congressman and senators, only the President gets a term limit and that wasn’t even because of them.
    The wisdom of the FF’s is greatly overrated.

  6. Good blog but it’s set for your prefered readers only on Myspazz.

    • Red,

      Actually, all comments are blocked. My damaged mouse (clicking randomly) must have set it to “preferred”. That wasn’t my intention.


      Tex Shelters

  7. After seeing the Video, I managed to masturbate with no lust.
    I relied solely on the physical sensation.
    I avoided any lustful thoughts by watching a video of Steve Irwin wrestling a crocodile, and constantly reminding myself that he met an untimely death whilst filming a Stingwray under water which pierced his heart..

    It was teh longest wank I’ve ever had,, around six hours,,(I had to re-wind the video twice) and it was a tough call… but you know what ?? It was fun…

  8. Mooney,

    As long as you didn’t lust, god will let you into heaven.

    Once again, you made me laugh. I needed that.

    Tex Shelters

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