Our Hatred Weakens Us

In Current Events on September 22, 2010 at 15:42

President Obama and the Democrats used a strategy utilized several times by Republicans during the Bush presidency to pass law that Democrats disagreed by attaching them to the recent defense authorization bill (DAB).  The difference in this case is that stood on their principles (to discriminate against gay and lesbian soldiers) while the Democrats did not.

There were two amendments that Democrats had added to the DAB. One was the Dream Act that would have created a path to citizenship for illegals who served in the military or finished college, and the other amendment was to authorize the end of “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” (DADT) if the Pentagon found no compelling problem with troop moral if gays and lesbians served in the military openly. It would NOT have ended the policy on it’s own like every news outlet in the universe has been reporting, except the great Tex Shelters network of course.

For the record, I don’t think the DAB should be used as a repository for controversial amendments. The Democrats should repeal DADT out in the open.

Some of the amendments added to the DAB by Republicans during the Bush years include, “banning internet gambling, opening up the arctic national wildlife reserve to oil drilling, allowing concealed weapons to be carried across state lines, increasing fines for broadcasting indecent material on television. oh, the humanity. toughening up campaign finance regulations. all of these things have been attace hed (stet) by republicans to defense authorization bills in the past.”

During those votes on previous DABs, Democrats were cowed into passing these amendments in these bills because if they didn’t they would be painted as unpatriotic, and that would hurt their feelings. Democrats, being the sensitive cowards that they are, passed the DAB from Bush with the Republican amendments and all.

Speaking of sensitive cowards, why hasn’t Obama used his executive powers to stop “Don’t ask; Don’t Tell”?

He wants to hide behind the cover of Congress when repealing a law that he is not fully behind repealing. Obama, like Clinton before him, is not completely comfortable with gays or lesbians, especially in the military. He’s like the white liberal bigot who doesn’t mind blacks as long as they aren’t “lowering property values in my neighborhood.”

Republicans don’t even want to take the advise of the Pentagon when it comes to homosexuals in the military and wait for the Pentagon report. That is how much they hate Americans that aren’t like them and how much their “principles” mean more than national security. If Israel, no slouch in military matters, allows gays in the military, so can we. Except, we are more homophobic in his nation, and our hatred weakens us.

Republicans might not have principles when it comes to gay and lesbian rights, but they have discipline.

Tex Shelters

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  1. Sooner or later, most Americans will surely realize that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans really give a damn about them. Any day now…

  2. Moosehammer,

    Hey, at least you and I and a few other of our readers realize that.


    Tex Shelters

  3. We’ve made more progress than the Party of No will let be known, but in general, we’re fucked. The species is fucked. “Leadership” corrupts absolutely and always will. It would corrupt me. There is no way “out.” There is only a path to some fresh disaster.

    This is the history of our species. We march from disaster to disaster. We’ll continue on right through until extinction.

    The mystery is not in the fact of our always having chaos – the mystery lies in the nature the upcoming chaos.

    The response of our “leaders” to everything and anything is pretty much always the same – in all of human history.

    • Leeza,

      I think the constraints and rules with which our “leadership” must operate, and the way our leadership is chosen leads to weakness. NGOs, non-profit social organizations and civil rights movements have a better chance of having good leadership. Our current political system weeds out the innovative and creative leadership and creates mealy-mouthed followers of a corrupt plutocracy.

      Tex Shelters

  4. I read everything – don’t always comment. I’m sure you’re desolate.

  5. Speaking of sensitive cowards, why hasn’t Obama used his executive powers to stop “Don’t ask; Don’t Tell”?

    Tex, since Obama is “Commander in Chief” I always thought it was his decision alone to make.

    That said; I’m actually for Gays in the Military.

    Think about it, nothing would stop Islamic Terrorism faster than the threat of sending in a Gay Brigade to raise a little hell.

    • Jake,

      Interesting point. It might freak out the jihadists to have gays in the military.

      Yes, Obama could do it without Congress, but he’s a coward.

      Tex Shelters

  6. Umm tex I hate to be a critic but theres alot of big shit going on right now. DADT Come on man. How bout some hard hitting stuff.
    I get my milktoast from the network sites.

    And dude Im dropping bombs on facebook WTF I know you hate it but come on man.

    • I really don’t get where you are coming from Chris. I think civil rights are extremely important. I guess you don’t.

      Dropping bombs on Facebook? What are you talking about?

      Tex Shelters

      • I would also add Chris that this post is about much more than DADT. It’s about Obama’s cowardess, the way Congress adds amendments to military bills to sneak unpopular laws through, the cowardess of Congress in general, and discrimination in general, and more.

        So, you don’t like DADT as an issue. Send me the link to your next blog.

        Tex Shelters

  7. I have a feeling all the hard work to make changes to health care reform will go to waste if the republicans totally win back the Congress. They’re whole campaign right now is based on repealing it so that insurance co’s can continue to discriminate against people w/disabilities,etc.

    Neither party really cares about the american people but republicans/conservatives time and time again show themselves to be the most cruel, selfish people on the planet.

  8. Dogman,

    Right you are. And there are items in the health care bill that need to be preserved like the health care for children and young adults and the inability to cut health care from someone who gets sick. The mandate doesn’t people me too much though.

    I don’t trust the Democrats to fillibuster the repeal of the good parts of the bill either.


    Tex Shelters

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