Tex Shelters to Obama and Biden: Buck Up

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At a recent rally in Wisconsin, a rally we could accurately call a “get out the vote rally”, Obama chastised the Democratic “base” by saying that “Those who fail to turn out November 2 to support Democratic congressional candidates will be “irresponsible” and their actions “inexcusable,” he charged.” (link)

So the millions of people who came out to vote for Obama in 2008, who sent money, who placed their hopes and dreams in this man after eight years of George Bush, are now being shamed into voting. There is no gratitude in Obama’s statements or Biden’s, who earlier told the base to stop whining. I don’t know about you, but when I support someone they shame me, I shut them off and move on.

However unreasonable it might be, Obama’s failings are now placed at the feet of all the Democratic member of Congress. I have yet to hear Nancy Pelosi, love her or hate her or be indifferent as I am, blame the base for not being happy with the current Congress. I think Obama and Biden need to “buck up”, in the words the Vice President used for the Democratic base. Biden should also “stop whining” about their lack of support. Perhaps if you didn’t go after your own base and tell them to “stop whining”, they might be more understanding of your struggles. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2010/09/vice-president-biden-to-democratic-base-stop-whining.html

Yes, and thanks for the reminder to “look at the alternatives,” meaning the Republicans. Well, two wrongs don’t make you right Mr. Biden, and with friends like you, who needs Republicans? You have insulted your base and independents like myself who have sided with you in the past. Now you look like a whining ass who can’t inspire; all you can do is shame. I don’t respond well to shaming, and my fellow Americans don’t either. Thanks, but no thanks.

The White House is acting like a bunch of crybabies. They can’t handle a little constructive criticism from the progressives when the Republicans have been hammering them for months about socialized medicine, debt, stimulus, bailouts and being Kenyan. Until recently, you have showed little anger towards your true opposition, the Republicans and far right.

Why should any of the progressives ever vote for a Democrat again? Well, a few Democrats are worth a vote, and there really are few options other than the part of debt, war, and tax cuts for the rich.

Here are a few things for you to think about regarding the 2012 elections. I think 2010 is a lost cause, though the outcomes will be closer than people think with the Republicans pulling a Democrat and shooting themselves in the foot with Maid Gate and Human Brains in rats. Think about it President Obama and VP Biden:

Who’s on the side of America and you President Obama?

Supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill you have largely ignore


Billionaire Linda McMahon, who doesn’t know what the minimum wage is?

Folks against the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, wars you haven’t ended and one you’ve expanded or pro-war folks?

Homophobes who love lack of action on Don’t Ask don’t Tell or the equal rights crowd who are waiting for you to take action?

Tree hugging environmentalists who are waiting for the green jobs bill or coal hugging global warming deniers who fight all non-coal jobs bills?

I could say more on this. But you have disappointed many of those who supported you. Your defensiveness does nothing for us. Inspiring us and attacking your opponents who have made it difficult to pass the agenda you promised would go a long way to gaining out support.  And fighting for your agenda in the future would also make your base happy. For now, many of us don’t think you were serious about the promises you made considering your willingness to compromise with conservatives and your unwillingness to fight with Democrats and progressives for their causes.

Republicans abuse Obama, Obama hits back by attacking Democrats


What’s inexcusable, President. Obama, is you attacking your base before a midterm election instead of inspiring them. Do you WANT to lose?

Shaming people is not the way to motivate them. Your comments and attitude are yet another reason people don’t support the Democrats and why the base is disaffected.

Do you really want to piss off the “professional left”?

Cenks from The Young Turks Rant on Obama and Biden’s Whining speaks for me.

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Biden whines about whining


Write the White House, Obama and Biden, and tell them to stop whining:

President Obama
CO/ The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20500-0004
or phone: (202) 456-1414

Or send note online:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Tex Shelters

  1. Tex: This is a purely marvelous post. Again, you’ve done our work for us, lazy, ungrateful fuckers that we are. I wish that you were still putting all of this out there on MySpace.

    Listen, since most Americans are imbeciles, you’ll be reaching imbeciles wherever you go, but you want to take your best shot at getting to the few smarties.

    Trouble is, nobody wants to travel. Even giving ’em the link on MySpace doesn’t inspire ’em to grab a virtual backpack.

  2. Leeza,

    Yea, I’m amazed that people won’t even click a link. It’s worth it not to have the MySpace Nuts and worry about being deleted.

    And I have friends that read this that won’t go to MySpace.


    Tex Shelters

  3. The link on myspace leads to a page on this site that informs “we cannot find what you’re looking for” BUT below this is a list of the months, starting with the most recent. These are hyperlinks – clicking on October brings you to this page – or to the newest article. I don’t know whether you should explain this or leave it to myspacers to figure out. Either way, it seems like a brain-strain.

  4. It seems as if only the bottom feeders are running around deleting one another these days. Certain of the low levels who waded in the news/politics cesspool are now full-time gossip-rumor-innuendo-lie-verbal assault-insult-character assassination mongers.

  5. Many of the comments that followed the Huffington story about the Madison rally ran along the lines of “Way to go!” and “It’s about time!” It’s hard to say how many people were insulted. And Biden has a point — though words flow in torrents sometimes uncensored — that a cadre of progressives sometimes act like whiny babies because the president didn’t push fast enough or hard enough.. ie, public option, climate change. Your essay prompts me to explore this matter more, as good essays should. Say…in the second line of the second paragraph, did you mean to use the word “now,” vs. “not” ? Regards — Randy

    • Randy,

      Yes, I meant to say NOW. Thanks.

      Perhaps Biden has a point, but is insulting his supporters a good way to get support? How about, “We have done our best against overwhelming opposition from every Republican, who used every trick to block our agenda. Lobbyists and outside interests have flooded Washington and still we have succeeded in….(list of supposed accomplishments here). Now, we need your support once more against the forces that would bring us back to the ruinous policies of the Bush years.”

      It doesn’t take a genius to NOT be and asshole and not piss off your base. It takes a little forethought and compassion and understanding. Biden’s not the one who’s unemployed, losing his home, and hurting economically. Buck up Biden and go visit Oz for some brains and heart. And while you are at it, get some courage for Obama.

      Tex Shelters

      • Yes, and thanks for the thoughtful post Randy. Would you care to advise Biden not to be such a prick and be grateful he’s VP?

        Tex Shelters

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  7. Some choice we’ve got…

    An overtly corrupt group of politicians (with a large contingent of outright insane and sociopathic individuals) who want to take us back to their real roots: Inquisition, Crusades, Theocracy, Slavery, Serfdom…

    And a group of politicans who (save for a handful of, bless ’em, highly notable exceptions) are also corrupt but sometimes throw us crumbs and claim to not want a return to the Inquisition, Crusades, Theocracy, Slavery, Serfdom, etc. while doing things to take us there and/ or pandering at every turn to those who want to take us there. And then call us “whiners” when we mention the contradictions between their actions and their claims…

    Reading the comments over at HuffPo from “Lalalalalala I’m sticking my fingers in my ears so I can’t hear you” Democrats who are demanding blind lockstep loyalty to President Obama and the corporatists Dems (no matter WHAT they do or don’t do), I find myself growing less and less hopeful for our nation.

    It seems the Democratic Party hasn’t just been largely taken over by politicians who behave like eighties/ nineties Republicans, it would seem its membership has been taken over by:

    –People who actually support corporatism, Constitution and Bill of Rights stomping, and continued war crimes

    –People who pay no attention whatsoever to actions, policies, and bills and just root for their “team” as blindly as their supposed counterparts

    –People who so fear the Inquisitioners of the Republican party, they simply feel there is no choice but to cheer on abusers they find less scary

  8. Little Sun,

    Excellent remarks that could be your own post. I know, you have lots of worthy things to do to support your community, but that was beautiful.

    I used to go to “Democratic Underground” which was partially created as a counter to Red State Reader and all the right-wing blogs out there. But it wasn’t for independents or free thinkers who criticized Democrats (constructively of course) for not acting in our best interests. I had several comments blocked and posts removed. They even called me a Troll and a secret Republican because I didn’t tow the party line.

    I even had the audacity to tell them to send money to Cindy Sheehan against Pelosi to fight the war in Iraq and they blocked my post.

    They are cutting off their head despite the need to eat. Most of the people at DU are against the war, but they won’t support an anti-war candidate because the tribal council says no. It’s not democratic, it’s a dictatorship in lock step just as much as any Republican site.

    Thankfully, HuffPo and others often criticize Dems when they are schmucks, and blessed be Amy Goodman, Laura Flanders, Colbert and Stewart.

    Thanks. I hope all is well.

    Tex Shelters

  9. I agree that Obama’s comments are ill-conceived, but that doesn’t make the Republican candidates any more palatable for me. Frankly, Obama could spit on my mother’s grave at this point and still get my vote for anyone who opposes the GOP or the tea-party nuts. Independents always go their own way, but with all due respect, a chiding from Obama shouldn’t be the basis for a rational vote. To paraphrase something Obama said recently, would you hand the car keys back to the fellow who just wrecked the car? That’s what voting GOP would accomplish this year. And I can’t believe that even the most independent of Independents would be so foolish as to put a tea-partier inside the walls of Congress.

    • Kathi,

      You are correct of course. Obama’s comment don’t change the fact that Republicans are currently a bunch of anti-American nutcases.

      However, insulting the non-insave critics of Obama is NOT the way to go.


      Tex Shelters

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