Unions Have Ruined this Nation by Putting Millions of Workers Interests Above a Few Billionaires

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What Have Unions Ever Done for Us?!

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Unions have ruined this nation by making it difficult for my fellow industrialists and me to make people work more than 8 hours a day. And, we have to give people breaks every few hours, because unlike use CEOs, workers are too lazy to work doing hard labor for hours on end without taking a 15 minute break. They are trying to rip me off!

If they want to have it easy, they should have worked harder to inherit their money so they can be an industrialist and manage things by sitting on their asses. Until then, workers don’t deserve breaks. If we could only go back to a time before the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/trianglefire/, then we could lock all the exits to the shop floors, restaurants, big box stores, call centers and other work places and force women (and men) to shit in their bloomers or get fired for trying to get to the bathroom.

That is the reason we sent jobs overseas; we had to give workers humane conditions we couldn’t afford. Giving workers breaks for toilet visits and to eat food has just bankrupt us. And the cost of health care and unemployment insurance and other giveaways to lazy workers has FORCED us to send our jobs to where humane conditions are not a consideration.

What’s more is this ridiculous minimum wage we have to pay workers. How we let our Congress get away with raising the minimum wage to an outrageous $7.25 and hour is a mystery to me.

What have the unions ever done for us? Other than higher wages, sick days, lunch breaks, maternity leave, collective bargaining, fewer accidents, health care benefits, safer work places, and paid vacations among other things, unions have really hurt workers.

Obama is willing to help the banks, but what about the unions who helped get him elected

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  1. There were once 18 people in my department; now there are three. Meanwhile our operation in India is going gangbusters. Perhaps if the Indians unionized, they would get health care and better pay (instead of $4 an hour) and my company might consider bringing some jobs back. Alas… the Indians are somewhat timid. It takes balls to unionize. That stat Ed Schultz brought up: 80% of our unions are in 16 states? Man… that is unsettling. Thank you.

  2. If there were any jobs left in the US we might need some unions. The problem is instead of big money screwing us they went over seas to screw some different people that we dont care about or know about. Its alot easier to militarily enforce bullshit laws on a different cultures than it is your own brothers.

  3. I’ve lost track of how many conversations I’ve heard in recent years that have all gone somthing like this:

    Young person 1: #*@&! company is screwing me out of overtime pay. I worked 69 hours last week and they say I don’t qualify for overtime!

    Young person 2: #($&@! company hasn’t replaced our respirator filters in over a year and when I complained, the boss told me we had to buy them ourselves if we’re worried about what we’re breathing!

    Young person 3: Something’s really wrong with this country. We need to take it back.

    Young person 1: Damn straight. We gotta get rid of all them commie liberals and those damn unions.

    Young persons 2 and 3 in unison: Damn unions!!

    Enough to make a sane person’s head really, really hurt.

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