Keep Fear Alive

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Slogans for the March to Keep Fear Alive on Saturday, Oct 30, by Tex Shelters

“Hope is Weakness; Fear is strength”

“Polling booths are full of disease; don’t vote”

“Bombing foreigners is the only cure for fear”

“Who needs ideas when fear is on your side”

“God is Great, Fear is Greater”

“Policy is weakness; fear is our real asset”

“Rational decisions start from a place of utter terror”

“Don’t think sanely; continue being fearful”

“Be afraid, for the flag, for motherhood, for America”

“Courage in the face of fright is Un-American”

“If you’re not afraid, You’re Not paying Attention”

“Fear is pro-life”

“Keep the Government out of our Fear”

“Obama is a scary black man; I’m not a Bigot”

“Be Afraid like the Founding Father Were”

“Taxes are Scary”

“Jose’ and Maria are comin’ for you”

“Juan Williams was Right; Fear all Muslims”

“Be Strong America; Be Afraid”

“Socialize Medicine is scary; Corporate Medicine is American cause only the rich can afford it”

“I want my America, and fear, back”

Please add your own. The best one might get credit in my movie.

Tex Shelters


  1. I’m not a bigot. I didn’t make them be gay.

  2. I’m not a bigot. Jews’ love of money is unnatural. Just because God-fearing Christians see what is right in front of our (pretty and normal-sized) noses doesn’t mean we’re bigots.

  3. I’m not a bigot. Everyone knows that people of certain racial persuasions are not as clean as regular people.

  4. I resent being called a bigot. Whenever a regular white person has an opinion, she’s immediately called a bigot. Ignorance is a two-way street.

  5. Don’t you know anything Tex; Anger always works better than Fear, get people pissed and they will show up, the trick is to get them pissed at your opposition.

  6. Jake,

    Yes, anger is good too. I like the synergy: get people afraid of their government (which is easy because it is screwed up) and their use that fear to propel anger toward the current party in power.

    So, “Fear of a government take over” leads to the need to take up arms against the Democrats. Fear of Muslims means we need to stay in Afghanistan and call Obama a Muslim, fear of gay leads to good old boy and girl gay bashing, etc.

    Tex Shelters

    Tex Shelters

  7. “Evun if we killded all brown peeples, theyd still kawl us bigots!”

    “If I wanted free heathcare I’d start an oil cumpany!!!”

    “Get yer socilits gubment hands outta my Fruity Loops!”

    “Patriot feetuses are the Jewz for Obama’s seekrit Mooslim reptilian Marksist ovens!!”

    “Glenn Beck iz are Jesus! Suck it Libs!! Go USA!!!”

    “Racistness is next to Godliness!”

    Nice list Tex!

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