Glory, Glory we have Tax Cuts for those that don’t need it

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Glory, Glory we have Tax Cuts for those that don’t need it. And deficits for everyone. Congratulations America, you are one step closer to third world status. Besides, many corporations paid no taxes during the boom, so why should their CEOs and billionaires stock holders have to pay for what their corporations don’t? http://moneycentral.msn.com/content/Taxes/P80242.asp

The Republicans have shown their math skills by pushing for tax cuts for billionaires and saying they want to reduce the deficits. At least they want to reduce military spending, right?

Good thing the Democrats waited for the elections before addressing the changes in the tax rates. Obama and the Democrats really, really must have wanted to end the tax cuts for the top tax bracket and that is why they waited for the elections for the Republicans to take control of the house. Now that we have more Republicans in Congress, it is certain that the taxes will go back to Clinton era rates and we won’t lose the $700 billion dollars to the billionaires that don’t need it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/07/eric-cantor-compromise-tax-cuts-obama_n_780029.html

Again we see that the Democratic strategy to safely wait it out has worked, for the Republicans. Or perhaps we are seeing the true colors of the Democrats who are being paid by the same set of billionaires who elect them.

Forget that corporations pay little of wealth for tax cuts after all their deductions and exceptions. And forget that use our infrastructure for their plants, buildings, shipping, advertising, and functions such as roads, the electrical grid and communications. http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Corporate_Welfare/TakeRichOffWelfare.html

But we shouldn’t expect companies and wealthy individuals to pay for what the rest of us have to pay for, should we? Thanks to the Democrats, Obama, and Republicans, they don’t have to.

Tex Shelters

  1. Politics at MySpace is landfill. There isn’t even any dirty fighting anymore. Nothing. So I wouldn’t even nag for your return.

    You retain an energy level that depresses me as much as the news you disseminate!

    I know that I’m not representative of the majority, which is a good thing. And I continue to inhale news, also a good thing.

    This piece made me angry. The point, of course. So, congratulations – good work.

    Wider readership. Damned if I know how.

  2. *sigh* everything you said and more. Couldn’t put it any better and I wouldn’t even try. Ignorance runs rampant, but there is some hope. The Republicans and Tea Partiers are about to get just exactly what they deserve. Unfortunately the rest of us have to suffer it.

    • Barbara,

      Thanks. We will continue to suffer, and so will those that joined the Tea Party movement thinking what they were supporting was a responsive government. When will people learn that the government as constituted isn’t the answer.

      Tex Shelters

  3. Meanwhile, the masses blunder about sticking pitchforks in one another…

    • Little Sun,

      Yes, despite Stewart’s rally, ha, we still vilify each other while the villain walks off with our money, our freedom, our free speech, our livelihood, and our dignity.


      Tex Shelters

      • Now that is what hurts me the most.

        Seeing the masses continuously hurt each other while the pawn pushers are enjoying the game.

        I will gladly exchange some of my hard earned tax dollars for a civilized society.

        Civility is becoming scarce!

  4. Tex there is a real simple truth to your enslavement.

    p<p+i. We have a DEBT based currency that is controlled by a quasi public/ private corporation. This FED has no accountability and total transparency.

    Why not just come out and say the truth. By definition we live in a fascist dictatorship. Sure you can vote for what kind of fascism you want more war, or more welfare. But you cant vote for freedom.

    Anyone who understands debt based centrally controlled currency would quickly understand why we have no freedom.

    You work jobs you dont like for massive hours to collect bank credits to pay back debts that will be harder and harder pay off because there is more debt the actual money to pay it back.

    Just simple math TEX Principle is less than Principal plus interest.

    Our country borrows from the fed at interest but is also ironically responisble for the feds debt.

    Its insane. But so are most of the people in this country.

    • Chris,

      The way things are finance IS insane, not doubt. Yes, voting for Congress and President seems mostly futile.


      Tex Shelters

  5. Republicans call a tax on the top 1% of Americans a “job killer.” From what I’ve read, once the millionaires reach a level where they can’t think of new places to spend their money, they just sock it away. The new wave entering Congress promises to spur jobs and reduce the deficit. Since they can’t raise taxes, their only option is to start cutting programs, which will add to unemployment. If federal aid dries up, municipalities will likely raise property taxes to maintain existing services.

    • Randy,

      You laid out the crux of the problem. First, there is the myth that taxing the wealthy will hurt jobs.

      1. There is no evidence of this, and you are right to point out that the very rich will just squirrel it away.

      2. If those tax dollars were available, we could save and create jobs with it.

      3. The states think they have it bad now? Wait until the federal grants dry up.

      Programs will be cut without further help to the states. Thankfully, the patriotic billionaires who sent their to offshore tax shelters won’t be hurt when we are all laid off.


      Tex Shelters

  6. […] have been when facing up to the deficits and the tax cuts for the super rich (top 1%) Americans. (link) To underscore their bravery, the Democratic leadership is now standing down on their promise to end […]

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