Democrats are Worthless Cowards

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In my last writing I explained how courageously the Democrats have been when facing up to the deficits and the tax cuts for the super rich (top 1%) Americans. (link) To underscore their bravery, the Democratic leadership is now standing down on their promise to end Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell. (link)

Is there anybody who really thinks the Democrats stand for what is right? Do the Democrats really wonder why people didn’t rush out and enthusiastically vote for them in the last election? How many promises do they have to break before they understand that it’s not the way to get people to vote for them? Do they think if they move far enough to the right that the Republicans will stop attacking them and that conservatives will vote for them?

So the Democrats dropped the repeal of the tax cuts for the rich and have guaranteed future deficits. Now it’s the rights of gays and lesbians in our armed services that they have abandoned. They are also keeping detainees and torturing innocents at Gitmo (and other U.S. detention facilities around the world) and continuing rendition practices (kidnapping terrorist suspects to countries that torture) of the Bush administration. Then there is the expansion of the hit squads the United States sends overseas and the escalation of the Afghan war. And they want my vote?

It seems that the main motivation for such cowardly acts by the Democrats is that they are afraid of the name-calling that would ensue from the right if they dare stand on principle. There is the more frightening conclusion one could make about the Obama White House and most Democrats in Congress: they just don’t give a damn about rights or economic solvency, that they care more about getting elected and not upsetting their campaign donors and corporate patrons.

Democrats on the whole are worthless cowards and their losses in Congress make little difference to America. Vote locally; screw the rest.

Tex Shelters

  1. I used to be passionate, enthusiastic, hopeful. That was in 2008. Was it really that recently?

    Then I was annoyed, confused, perplexed and irritated.

    I went on to enraged, furious,, acerbic, confrontational.

    Next came despair, loss of hope, despondency leading to

    Apathy combined with a sense of futility and a vision of lost causes.

    Now I’m scared.

    It’s November 2010.

    Aren’t those a lot of mood swings for a two-year period?

    • Leeza,

      Those are the grief stages as outlined by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and others.

      I’m gonna stay piss, but not at Democrats, at AIG, Geithner, and the banking criminals and tax cheats.

      Tex Shelters

  2. Meanwhile, the masses stumble about sticking pitchforks in one another…

    You do realize we are not allowed to speak the truth about the neofeudalist Dems, Tex. Most especially not the war crimes part and the corporatist part or the pandering to theocrats part or the….


    • Little Sun,

      My tenure as a Democrat Party member ended a while ago, so I can say whatever I want. It’s funny how people hate it when you turn the bright like of criticism on their beloved Democrats. At least when I grew up, most of the Democrats in Congress acted like Democrats, and no, it was no panacea.


      Tex Shelters

      • I wish it were funny. Frankly, the We Must worship all D’s blindly lockstep contigent of the Democratic Party is starting to scare me almost as much as the Republicans and Tea Partiers do.

        • Lock-step Democrats are hard to find in my neck of the woods. But it’s sad to see that so many people in politics are still apologizing for the lack of action by the Democrats.

          Tex Shelters

  3. I gave up on democrats after Clinton’s first term. Here is an excerpt from a recent Nader appearance on democracynow.org:

    RALPH NADER: Yes, I mean, right now, I think if the trends bear out, Amy, once again, the Democrats will demonstrate to the American people they cannot defend the country against the most craven Republican Party in history. I mean, I’ve never seen worse Republicans. With every ounce of potential tolerance I have toward the Republicans, I can say that I have never seen crueler, more vicious, more unknowing Republicans in the Congress, with very few exceptions, like Walter Jones from North Carolina.

    So, what we see here is complicity. When people say, “Gee, why aren’t the wars an issue?”—well, because the Democrats are complicit in both the Iraq and Afghanistan war. “Why isn’t corporate welfare and subsidies and bailouts of Wall Street crooks an issue?” Well, because the Democrats have done the same thing as the Republicans. Just now, they’re giving away the store to the taxpayers’ share in General Motors in the IPO that’s about to be issued. And they say, “Well, why aren’t the Democrats making a big deal of corporate crime against consumers and workers and issues like minimum wage and card check?” Because the Democrats don’t want to be involved in that. They’re dialing for the same corporate dollars. They say, “Well, why aren’t the Democrats raising these great civil liberty issues, like what’s in the PATRIOT Act?” Well, they just rubber-stamped another renewal over a year ago of the PATRIOT Act.

    So, that’s why they can’t draw a bright line between the Democrats and Republicans, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt did in making the people think that the Republicans were the party of Big Business and the Democrats were the party of working people. And that worked a lot for both him and Harry Truman. Imagine what those two gentlemen would have done to today’s Republican Party, instead of the namby-pamby, wishy-washy, so-called phony “bipartisanship” of Obama’s administration and his allies in Congress.


  4. Lisarae,

    Thanks. Even Clinton, who was much more conservative than people want to admit, stood up to the Republicans now and again.

    I guess I’m in good company with Mr. Nadar.


    Tex Shelters

  5. It really seems that all of America (left, right, and the in-betweens as well) has been duped. Whether you worship Obama, Palin, Alex Jones, or the Paul family, it’s all lies at the end of the day.

    I’m pimping this on an upcoming Linkload. Keep preaching the truth, Tex!

  6. […] Still skeptical?  Check out Tex Shelters, telling it like it is. […]

  7. […] Still skeptical?  Check out Tex Shelters, telling it like it is. […]

  8. Hi Tex. Long time no speak… I THINK my last comment on your page was something of a prediction that our new President represented ANYTHING but CHANGE, that “W” was a big government asshole, that happily passed the baton on to another big government asshole that more closely resembled him than not. I do hate being right some times. And while I’m not a fan of the decision, I HAVE TO find the humor in the fact that of all the things Mr Obama didn’t CHANGE, isn’t it the ultimate slap in the face that he didn’t replace the SECRETARY OF DEFENSE?!?

    I miss our fairly intelligent discourse, Tex. Sorry it’s been so long, but I simply can’t stomach MySpace’s idea of “Change” either… feel free to add me on facebook, if you like? My email address there is djkennyf@hotmail.com You take care now, Cheers.
    ~Kenny Vegas

    • Thanks Kenny,

      I agree, we have pretty civil disagreements, and that is a goal of mine. Thanks for being part of that.

      Obama is more about the same than change. But he sure looks different than Bush. Doesn’t that count?

      Tex Shelters

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