Regulate this! Even Insane Serial Killer Rapists Deserve a Gun!

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This is a repost to highlight all the recent nonsense written against sane gun regulation in wake of the shooting in Tucson.

Post for all the people that think guns are more important than life, and for the lovely patriots who know guns are for hunting (for food) and defense at home.

God created guns so we could protect ourselves. He also created guns to piss off liberals. Only people who want to give up their rights would pass any kind of law regulating firearms! Remember, guns = liberty.   People in the United States are the best in the world at using guns, especially handguns. That means we’re the most freedom loving country in the world.

For example, we have the highest rate of firearm deaths of any industrialized country (http://www.wagv.org/gun-violence.php). Our firearm murder rate is nineteen times higher than that of thirty-five other high-income countries combined (ibid). That means we’re highly efficient at shooting guns and people in loser countries like Italy can’t fire a gun for crap.  That’s why the Italians change their government every six months. Our democracy functions so well, because of guns, that most of us don’t see any reason to vote. Now that’s democracy!

Here’s proof that firearms protect you. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there were 500 “legal interventions” due to guns in the year 2000. That means 500 people protected themselves with guns. So you see gun haters, guns protect. It’s the best way to protect, unless you consider guards dogs. But dogs won’t get to kill intruders because people won’t enter if they hear them bark. With a gun, you get the good feeling of doing your civic duty and killing. That always makes me feel good.

Please don’t read any more of the CDC study and get the funny idea that the 776 unintentional gun deaths (accidents) prove anything about gun safety or gun misuse! So what if there were 276 more gun deaths due to accidents than protection. Moreover, don’t read the part that says there were 79 gun related homicides a day in the United States for a total of 28,663. Liberals will use that information to conclude that criminals shouldn’t own guns. But what about the Second Amendment, you leftist assholes! The Second Amendment doesn’t say criminals can’t own guns! Once they keep guns out of the hands of insane serial killer rapists, you know whose guns they’ll go after next. That’s right, yours, mine, and granny’s gun! We have a Second Amendment that guarantees the right to a gun, and don’t you forget it! (http://www.cdc.gov/mmwR/preview/mmwrhtml/rr5214a2.htm).

Liberals, who don’t know a thing about using guns, think that it’s a bad thing that so many young people, and especially young black males, get killed with firearms. It’s the number one cause of death for black males aged 15-24, and the number two killer of young Hispanics and whites (http://www.wagv.org/gun-violence.php). Just because people die, doesn’t mean we should do anything about gun violence.

Leftists in our midst want to say gun deaths are due to guns. However, I know all this gun violence is a result of not having enough firepower in these neighborhoods. If everybody had a gun in poor neighborhoods, there would be fewer deaths, just like carrying guns into universities would stop gun rampages on campuses everywhere. I just proved it, so shut up you liberals! You lost the argument! I am trying to protect the Second Amendment here and you are concerned with a few deaths (28,663) of people I never even met? What the hell is wrong with you?

If they take away guns from a few people, the next thing you know, they’ll be arresting you for making copies of protest flyers or talking on the radio and criticizing the president. You see, once they get the guns out of the hands of serial killing rapists, then we will have a fascist dictatorship where everyone will be arrested for any questionable speech! It’s a slippery slope we’re on, dear patriots.

So what if gun laws were passed because of gun violence. That doesn’t prove gun violence caused gun laws. No, gun laws caused the gun violence. Strict gun laws were passed in Washington, D.C. and gun violence just went up! That proves that anti-gun legislation doesn’t work and actually causes gun violence. You hate freedom and America if you suggest that guns from Virginia (a state with few gun-owning restrictions just a few miles across the Potomac) cause the gun violence in Washington, D.C. We have the Second Amendment people, and that supersedes any logical argument against gun violence.

The Nazis took away guns from their citizens just before they took over Europe. Gun regulation is the exact same thing as taking away guns (as the Nazis did), you liberal fascists! That proves that if you take guns away from insane serial killer rapists then we will have a fascist state! If only the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, intellectuals, and other Nazi targets had had the Second Amendment, they’d still be alive.

If Tibetans protesting their treatment in China had owned guns, they could have protected themselves with groups of armed militias. The Chinese Army wouldn’t have had a chance against armed and determined Tibetans. Tibetans need a Second Amendment to ensure their freedom! Then they could have stopped the Chinese like the well-armed Branch Davidians stopped the FTA at Waco with their firearms.

Guns are also used in cases of domestic violence. Whatever happens in the family, including shooting, is private, so butt out! So what if “the risk of intimate partner homicide (is) more than five times compared to instances where there are no weapons (http://www.wagv.org/gun-violence.phpgd).” Besides, an abusive husband has just as much right to a gun as a loving husband under the Second Amendment! There is no clause that prevents a wife beater from owning a gun in the Constitution, so don’t think about it you fascists!

If wimpy kids had guns in schools, bullies could be shot! That’s why Tex Shelters Industries designed the 22 caliber Nerd-Slinger 3000. At only 4 inches long, it holds 4 deadly 22 caliber bullets and can be hidden in any PDA holder and put out of site. The plastic polymer design will easily get by all gun detectors at schools across America. Beware bullies; death is at your door!

The story of the eight teenage girls who beat up another girl was tragic. Why? Because they didn’t have guns! If the attackers had only had guns, they wouldn’t have had to beat up their victims. They could have just shot them! And the girls who did the beating and were so concerned with their looks? If they had used guns, they would have had only a few powder burns on them instead of nicks and cuts from the girl as she defended herself against the attack. What kind of country do we live in that gangs attack individuals without carrying the proper firearms? If they had been gangs in the hood, Italian, Black or otherwise, there would have been properly loaded guns on hand. Didn’t the girls know they had the Second Amendment right to have a gun?

Dads, are you prepared when you go to your sons hockey, baseball, or basketball games? We have the Ref. Alert-max mini 9 mm sniper rifle for silencing bad officiating at your daughters’ soccer games. That father who beat the other dad to death at a hockey game could have saved so much trouble if he only had at the Fan-Foe Silencer 22 mm. The dad who got killed could have protected himself if only he had bought the Fan-Foe before the game. It’s a tragedy when parents go unarmed to their children’s sporting events because some leftist Democrats hate life, America, the Constitution, and love fascism.

We need to bring guns to anti-war rallies and shoot the opposition. There’s no better way to show you are against violence and war than shooting someone. Anti-war protestors should form armed militias today.

Why do lawmakers insist on a minimum age (18 in most states) for gun ownership?! What’s next, a minimum age for drinking, voting, or driving! Damn those liberals! They want to keep guns out of the hands of two year olds! Isn’t that unconstitutional and against the Second Amendment? The Second Amendment TO THE CONSTITUTION doesn’t say we can keep guns out of the hands of 2 year-olds, so it shouldn’t be banned! In fact, we should be arming fetuses against their mothers who might want to abort them.

Shut up you liberals! There are too many guns out there to do anything, so why don’t you just give up trying to regulate them. Gun deaths are only a black problem anyway, so who really cares. Certainly not Republicans or most Democrats.

We shouldn’t let the courts decide if an insane serial killer rapist should have guns, just like we shouldn’t let the courts keep people from having sex with underage children if their religion says it’s okay. Why should the court prohibit us from forcing religion on heathen children? Any decision the courts make, like upholding freedom of speech, is fascist.

Owning is a gun is a right and we have the Second Amendment. Any attempt to regulate its use or access, as I have proven here, is bad! You’re either with us or against us! Some mealy-mouthed liberals talk about regulations like those that we have for cars, safety devices on guns, background checks for owners, and a waiting period to prevent rash decision making and killing. That is just the Nazi inside all liberals talking. Either you will allow anyone, anywhere, any time, have a gun, or you can go to hell!

Now go out and take your best shots, patriots!

Tex Shelters


  1. Drugs are illegal and the government hasn’t been able to stop them. Tex if someone wants a gun whether the government says they can or not, can and will get one. You can buy one on the streets of Chicago, Gary, DC or even Phoenix just like you can buy your favorite drug.

    • So, let’s just give up and not bother.

      Sure, you can get a gun, but an impulse buyer or a registered offender (with enforcement of background checks) will find it harder to get a gun.

      I don’t know where to get a gun illegally in Phoenix, do you?

      Yes, criminals will try to get away will a lot of things, but tracking guns and many other laws can help.

      Tex Shelters

      • Tex, even I can buy a gun easier in the street than I can get one legally and I have a concealed carry permit which allows me to show my permit and walk out with a gun since I already went thru the mandatory state, local and federal checks.

  2. From Sheriff Dupnik’s interview on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric:

    Later in the interview, he took issue with laws that allow the carrying of concealed or non-concealed weapons at all times.

    “That’s the height of insanity,” Dupnik said. “I don’t know what else they can do. Maybe they could pass a law that would require that every child have an Uzi in their crib.”

    I am becoming very, very fond of Sheriff Dupnik.

  3. Cogently argued indeed . . . now where is my gun so that I can shoot this dang sissy computer for carrying all that leftist propaganda.

    In closing, I can only say. “Shoot you, Sir!!!”

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