Guns: 10 Rounds

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A TextraNormal Presentation based on actual discussions of gun regulation.

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Tex Shelters

  1. Well Tex you know I’m a fan of revolvers (6-shots) and not semi-auto’s (8 or more shots). That said, I’ll make a case for letting the idiots have their extended magazines.

    1) Extended magazines are harder to conceal than ones that end at the bottom of the grip so it’ll be much easier to spot the idiots before they even draw their weapon.

    2) Extended magazines are prone to jamming do to far more spring pressure when fully loaded than far less when almost empty when compared to a standard magazine. To clear a jam you must remove the mag, cycle the action to clear the jam than reinstall the clip and cycle the action again to resume shooting.

    3) stopping power, most semi-auto pistols have far less stopping power than a revolver, semi-autos are also most reliable with Full metal jackets ammo, least reliable with Hollow points (refer to 2 about jamming).

    So let the idiots have their extended mags, it will make it easier for the rest of us to spot the idiots before they start trouble to begin with.

    • Jake,

      Interesting and good points. And, aren’t they harder to reload as well. So, those points make some sense. And, if a shooter gets stopped after the first round as in the LI RR case or Tucson, fewer round could mean fewer deaths.


      Tex Shelters

      • Reloading an empty magazine is simply not an option in a firefight, each round has to be fed manually into the magazine. As far a changing magazines go, I can reload a revolver with a speed loader just as fast as I can swap out a magazine. Below is a link to a speed loader.


  2. BTW, Lincoln was killed with a muzzle loading single shot derringer, Kennedy was hit with a bolt action with an internal magazine of just 6 rounds similar to a Mauser and Reagan was hit with a six shot .22 cal revolver.

    One last thing Reagan had top notch protection from the Secret Service and look at what a little 22 did.

  3. There is but one solution Tex, ban all firearms and issue everyone pea shooters and slingshots to fulfill their 2nd amendment rights. Even Bows and Arrows are far too dangerous for us to have.

    • Ha ha.

      I say water balloons at 12 paces.

      Tex Shelters

    • Smartest words you’ve ever uttered, Jake – except for the inclusion of pea shooters and slingshots in the permitted arsenal.

      Not a single weapon in sight.

      Imagine what would happen if we added to that shutting up about one another’s spiritual paths.


      • Leeza, you have but heard a very small part of my plan.

        The only ammo that would be legal for those pea shooters and slingshots would be dried pea’s, steel ball bearings would be strictly forbidden for civilians.

        If you’re a member of law enforcement you would be allowed to use ball bearings for their slingshots and peashooters since they too would be disarmed of all other weapons.

        Our Military would get the big guns to fight their battles, I’m thinking potato guns for their small arms and watermelon/pumpkin/chicken canons for their heavy artillery.

        Chemical warfare? Rotting chickens of course would be used.

  4. A laff-riot of the absurd.

    Except that it’s real.

    We existentialist nihilists have always known that absurd was real was absurd was…

    Now everybody is learning.

    • Leeza,

      I am not sure how funny it is to be threatened by a poster because I challenged him on the idea that he needed more than 10 bullets to protect himself. That was more or less a quote. It just demonstrates again how the guns before life crowd feels about the sanctity of life.


      Tex Shelters

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