Issues and Party Positions, the 2011 edition

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I know some of you will see this as unfair. This is a general view I and others have of the two parties in Congress and the White House. And yes, there are exceptions to this. These are the general party responses and positions to these issues.

Issues and Party Positions, the 2011 edition


Republicans: Cut Taxes


Obama: Deregulation


Democrats: What?


Republicans: Cut taxes, more drilling


Obama: more drilling?


Democrats: electric cars

Afghan War

Republicans: Cut taxes, invade Iran


Obama: extend the deadline


Democrats: What war? Again with the war?

Budget “crisis”

Republicans: Cut taxes, cut social spending


Obama: cut social spending


Democrats: What?


Republicans: get rid of the teachers’ unions, cut taxes


Obama: Race to the top, cause education is a race!


Democrats: make schools better


Republicans: Cut Taxes, fewer banking regulations, cause we know that works


Obama: Deregulation, get those darn companies to reinvest


Democrats: promote the internet and phone companies

Election reform

Republicans: more money without accountability to anyone, Cut Taxes


Obama: Hope and change


Democrats: cuddle up to Wall Street some more or they might not give us their money

Health Care

Republicans: Repeal Obamacare


Obama: this is ruining my presidency


Democrats: perhaps we could rethink single payer maybe someday, kinda, sorta, perhaps—what do you think?

Hope for the Future

Republicans: everything’s good


Obama: everything’s good


Democrats: everything’s good

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  1. I don’t think it’s unfair at all. It’s too accurate to be unfair. It’s (gasp) fair and balanced. I laughed when I kept reading how “cut taxes” was part of the “solution” to every Republican strategy. Then of course, we have Obama who is playing a solo table tennis game while Democrats don’t know what to think about it. Only in Washington.

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