What you have to believe to be anti-choice

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There are several posts, articles, and blogs circulating around the Internet about “what you have to believe to be a Republican” or conservative. There are also posts about “what you have to believe to be a liberal”. Both rely on stereotyping, especially the blogs about liberals. The fact that someone would conflate being a Democrat with necessarily being liberal is one common fallacy. The other is calling Obama a liberal.

When I say “anti-choice”, I am referring to people that want to take the decision of whether to carry a pregnancy to term from the woman. I am not referring to people that are “anti-abortion’, for no one is “pro-abortion”. I am anti-abortion in that I would like them to be rare, but I am pro-abortion because at times, abortion is the best option. That is why I say I am pro-choice.

What you have to believe to be anti-choice

1. Women have little or no capacity to decide what to do with their own bodies and they need help.

2. Choosing to have an abortion is a decision that women callously make without delving into the ramifications of their choices. Thus, they need counseling.

3. Women get abortions “on demand”. First off, no one demands an abortion; they have procedure out of necessity. Secondly, no one just gives abortions on a walk in basis like order at a fast food restaurant.

4. Women would be better off if they kept their pregnancy. In 2004, 73% of the women in the study by Finer, et al said they choose an abortion because they couldn’t afford a child at the time. Having a child you cannot take care off financially doesn’t make your life better.

5. Women use abortion as birth control. Fact is, women have an abortion when birth control fails (58%).  http://www.msmagazine.com/aug01/pas.html It is misleading to say that women use abortion as anything but and emergency measure.

6. Adoption is an option. Yea, if you can afford to carry a baby to term and disrupt your life. Sure, if you don’t have health issues carrying the baby to term. Sure, if you are having a white baby, because those are in high demand. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support a woman bringing a pregnancy to term if that is her choice and then putting the baby up for adoption. However, it is about her choice, not my or your feelings.

7. Abortion is America’s Holocaust. Comparing anything to the holocaust is ridiculous. Beside, you are equating the murder of millions of human lives with fertilized eggs.

8. Women who consent to sex are giving up their right to control what happens to them if they get pregnant. This ignores the accidental pregnancies when birth control is used.

9. You must believe in the fabricated diagnosis of “post abortion stress syndrome” given women who have terminated pregnancies by anti-choice activists. http://www.msmagazine.com/aug01/pas.html There is no such diagnostic in the DHM-IV. Presenting a couple of women who regret their decision to terminate their pregnancy does not prove such a syndrome exists. Having an abortion is stressful, but most women interviewed are relieved by their decision.

10. You must believe that a potential life, a fetus, is more important that a woman’s life. Anyone, like Christine O’Donnell among others, that believes it’s okay if a woman dies during pregnancy to save a fetus is not “pro-life”.

11. You must believe that rape and incest are no big thing and it cannot be used as an excuse to terminate a pregnancy.

12. You must believe that life begins at conception. This is very misleading. In fact, life begins before conception. With this logic, every egg not fertilized in a woman is a murder and all masturbation is murder. In addition, even if a man doesn’t masturbate, he loses sperm through his urine. Are we going to charge him with impraved indifference murder?

12. A fertilized egg is a human. If you believe the spirit enters at conception, then you believe a zygote is a human. There is very little human about it. Your dog or cat is more human.

13. You must believe that you know what is best for a pregnant woman.

14. You must believe in your own moral righteousness and infallibility.

There are laws against late term (after 22-25 weeks) abortions, and in most cases, I agree with these laws. There are, however, exceptions for healthy life that one must consider in all cases of pregnancy.

Most people in America want abortion available for health reasons. Some people want to ban abortion for unwanted pregnancies. The ABC polls shows that 57% of people think abortion should be legal in all cases. (link) If more people knew the facts and effects of an abortion ban, fewer people would want to control women’s bodies. It’s up to you to educate people on the margins. The fundamentalist and myopic religious right is a hopeless cause. They are too self-righteous to let facts change their opinions.

Study on why women choose abortion

A summary of the study here: http://www.religioustolerance.org/abo_why.htm

Go to the “Words of Choice” pages on how to counter the anti-choice rhetoric.

More on the rhetoric

Abortion facts—reasons, demographics

Tex Shelters

  1. You know, of course, that I believe the whole “right vs left” paradigm is a complete pony and balloon show for adults, orchestrated by the bankers and media moguls (same folks, really) for distraction from the real issues, i.e., war for profits, and the economy. . .

    Basically, my family, being middle class, but fundamentalist Christian(please exclude me from the latter) has always voted Democrat unless the front runner was too opposed to their fundie belief system.

  2. Wes,

    I hope you know that I mostly believe that the two parties are two faces of the same plutocracy.

    Also, the real rabid anti-choice no matter what is Republican. Everyone I have interacted with on this issue believes in choice at least for rape, incest and health. That includes religious Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians and Greens, oh my.

    Tex Shelters

    • I’ve noticed that the highest percentage of pseudo Christians that are completely against any and all abortions are also pro death penalty. . . .which basically validates the point made by Little Sun below.

      • And that is why I disagree with but respect people that are anti-choice, to an extent, but anti-death penalty as well. And most of those folks make exceptions for the life of the mother.


        Tex Shelters

  3. Personally, I don’t think all the statistics and rational arguments in the world will change the minds of even the most intelligent of the Forced Birthers because it hasn’t got a single solitary thing to do with caring about life, fetuses, or actual babies. It’s all about Power and Control.

    Bottom line, we don’t live in a blinking theocracy–yet.

    Thank you for your efforts toward what ought to simply be uncontested reality:

    What I or any woman or girl decide to do or not do with our wombs is nobody’s damn business but our own. No one else has a right to force us to do anything to or with our wombs and we don’t owe them any frigging explanations.

    Btw, this unrepentant heathen disagrees with you about “late term” choices. Doesn’t matter what my own personal choices might be around that: Still think it’s nobody else’s damn business.

    • Yes, you are a heathen Little Sun, and I relate.

      In terms of late term, I do feel there should be exceptions, but I also feel that when the fetus can live outside the womb, it actually is a human life. And yes, it’s none of my damn business, unless I am the father in good standing and can have a say (but not the decision). As far as I am concerned, for the men that complain about this, wear a condom. And as we all know, they fail some times.

      Good framing, “forced birthers”. And few if any of the most rabid care about the baby after birth.

      And I do believe that we can have an affect on the people that are undecided. It’s rare, but it can happen. When I wrote about this on MySpace a while back, many so-called radical republicans agreed with at least allowing abortion in rape, incest and life and death situations. That’s something, eh? And yes, it should be legal, regardless.

      Thanks. And thanks for disagreeing when you do. You know me, I can take it, and perhaps learn a thing or two.

      Tex Shelters

  4. I call them “anti-choice” instead of “pro-life” also. It’s a much more accurate description. You mentioned the made-up “post abortion stress syndrome.” Most women who have had abortions do not regret having abortions. Actually, I think childbirth would probably be more traumatic. The anti-choicers will make up anything to support where they stand, not really caring if what they say is true.

    • While “anti-choice” is definitely more accurate than “pro-life”, I think we should call them, Forced Birthers, as it better exposes the true scope of the power and control they seek.

      • LS,

        I am definitely adding “Forced Birthers” to my language tool kit. Thanks for that. And at other times, I think “anti-choice” is appropriate.

        Tex Shelters

    • LD,

      Zealots don’t care for facts, they want control.


      Tex Shelters

  5. How I feel? In the abortion “debate?” If you have a cock-and-balls, fuck off.

  6. Further: If it is I who am pregnant, and I have not asked for your opinion, and the law does not require that I feign interest in it, fuck off.

  7. ~ giggling ~

    (I like this piece, Tex!)

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