Who should resign?

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President Ronald Reagan funneled money to death squads to the Central American nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Thousands of peasant farmers, native people, and others were killed in the process. I guess he resigned after that, right?

The already divorced Ronald Reagan also fornicated with Nancy before they were married.

Bush sent troops to fight overseas and die using the lies of weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq. Meanwhile, our troops tortured and killed innocent civilians for little benefit. And thus, President Bush resigned in disgrace, yes sir.

Joseph Lieberman backed John McCain over Barack Obama and he’s still in the good graces of the party. He retained his committee seats, and he wasn’t even censured for fighting against almost every Obama initiative. What, they didn’t think another Democrat could win in Connecticut? He pushed the Iraq War with the same lies Bush used. But the democrats love his support of murder. I least he didn’t send a Tweet of his junk, right?
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ben-cohen/ten-democrats-who-should_b_147167.html And now Lieberman is talking about starting a war in Syria. http://gawker.com/5786515/get-excited-for-joe-liebermans-war-in-syria He should resign over this, right? He did try to usurp the President’s power. Isn’t that treason?

Nancy Pelosi should resign for not going after Bush and Cheney with Impeachment hearings. And Speaker Pelosi didn’t even have to do any of the research. Rep. Kucinich already did it for her. She didn’t want to be divisive and thus didn’t consider impeachment. Yes, she was accommodating the Republicans so she could get along better. Sound like a capitulating sitting President we know of currently in the White House.

In addition, she is no friend of labor. She voted for NAFTA against the concerns of her labor support in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has consistently supported job destroying trade acts. She has also voted yes on every single war appropriations bill. (link) Therefore, she is an accomplice in the murder of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans. So why doesn’t Pelosi resign?

Anthony Weiner sent photos of himself in underwear and had suggestive conversations with staff and others. While inappropriate, no one lost their job or died. In fact, you could argue that Weiner helped the careers of Jon Stewart and others by giving them material because Stewart didn’t have unemployment, wars, the Middle East, Bachmann, or Newt to go after that week. Perhaps Jon Stewart should resign too?

Here’s the score:

Killing Central Americans with illegal wars, fine.

Killing and torturing Iraqis and Afghans based on lies, no big deal.

Voting to authorize the killing of foreigners and war funding even when your constituents are against those war, SOP.

Passing laws that move U.S. jobs overseas, great idea!

Supporting Republicans over your own party and promoting endless wars while usurping the President’s authority, Democrats love that.

But show underwear with an outline of a penis? LWD HO OMG WFT RSGN AW!
So yes, Weiner was the winner.

Tex Shelters

  1. He has a nice penis.

  2. The newest


    Excellently designed
    for life on Planet Earth

    ingenious resourceful strategists
    for all they’re worth


    Small in size they be
    but no entry-level minds

    out-thinking our species
    in behaviors of all kinds


    Half in jest
    that they will outlive us
    it is said

    the truth of course
    is that they will thrive
    when we are dead


    Team players they
    watching out
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    because it is best
    for all no need
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    with other species is a part

    where everyone’s interests
    converge in survival’s art


    Honor these species
    who will prevail
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    we have failed
    to honor them
    while we were here
    which was more than wrong


    Our very lives depend
    on their existence
    and the work
    they do

    yet our arrogance
    prevents our giving
    them respect they
    are due


    disrespect discount
    poison disregard
    and badly misuse

    slight exploit
    take advantage of
    and egregiously abuse


    They have died
    and are dying
    in droves
    we do not
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    and soon
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    We will not succeed
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    but without
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    our species will perish
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    H. sapiens
    do us in

    in fact
    going to win

    Leeza, 06/18/2011

  3. How about Obama’s Libya war? Why is that not on your list?

    • Yes, you are correct.

      I put in Pelosi because she was going after Weiner to resign. I also mentioned Reagan and Bush because of Republican hypocrisy around sex and violence.

      Obama could because of his continue rendition, torture and drone attacks in Afghanistan more than his Libyan bombing campaign. But he wasn’t asking for Weiner to resign.

      Tex Shelters

  4. that’s the difference between democrats and republicans. democrats will sometimes hold their own to task, at least on sexual matters. republicans will blame the mythical “liberal” media for any misconduct.

    • UJ,

      You are correct. I forget who it was, but one of the recent Republican sex scandals was being blamed on the liberal media.

      Tex Shelters

  5. Chris Lee (R-NY) would be a more appropriate comparison to Weiner. I believe it took all of three hours for him to resign after his shirtless pic sent by email turned up.


  6. I forgot about Chris Lee.

    I didn’t see any reason for him to resign either.

    Thanks. But don’t ya think Pelosi needs to resign?

    Tex Shelters

  7. Yea, I think Pelosi needs to resign; she is guilty of your charges of being complacent with Bush just as she is guilty of giving Obama a pass for killing Civilians in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Obama has also continues with Extraordinary Renditions and I don’t buy for a second we are not doing things much worse than water boarding even to this day. Let’s not forget our fully automatic arms sales to Mexican Drug Cartels killing 100’s if not 1000’s of innocents. I provided links before but for some reason is no longer up. Why live in the Past when the Present is just as disgusting.

    • Yes, Obama is also guilty, but I’m waiting for his first term to end. Pelosi has been around for ever and she was one of the main hypocrites going after Weiner.


      Tex Shelters

  8. Weiners tweeter meat was just a distraction so Americans wouldn’t see Obama killing civilians in illegal wars, loosing millions of jobs and let’s not forget allowing fully automatic weopons to be sold to drug cartells in Mexico to kill boarder agents, law enforcement, women and childern. BTW Nancy Pelosi has Obama’s back on this, someone had to go, and who had their pants down? Weiner Man. Tex do you still want to talk about Weiners Meat? Do you want to dwell on past deeds when current deeds are going on now under the guise of Hope and Change? The only Hope is that you didn’t notice there was no Change.



    • Yes, except I think Republicans are also responsible for these policies.

      I have little hope things will change.

      Tex Shelters

  9. Off with her head! ( metaphorically speaking of course)

    • Jake,

      Fact is, the last person I sent money to for a campaign was Cindy Sheehan running against Pelosi.

      SF (where I lived 12 years) deserves better, hell, America deserves better.

      Tex Shelters

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