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Facts about Class, Poverty and Downward Mobility

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BY BOB ENGLEHART from politicalcartoons.com

There is a group of citizens that steals from taxpayers so they can sit on their divans and watch their high definition 3D televisions, eat subsidized food products and sponge off the American people. I am of course talking about the ruling elites. Republicans, however, want you to believe it’s welfare recipients that have created our economic troubles when it is unrestrained corporate and bourgeoisie greed that has brought about the economic collapse of the United States.

People project personal and societal problems onto convenient, weak targets such as the poor who have been villainized by the mass media. They are also scape goats for people who still believe in the myth of the American dream. The “American dream” is the idea that if you work hard, you will succeed. Thus, you won’t need welfare; only the lazy and undeserving receive welfare.

The idea of the American dream is one of the most successful pieces of propaganda ever perpetuated. If we believe in the dream, we can dismiss or outright ignore economic, social, and demographic realities that have more to do with economic impoverishment than any supposed behavioral deficiencies on the part of welfare recipients.

You are more likely to fall form middle class to lower class than you are to rise from middle class to the upper class. “The Pew study looked at Americans who were between the ages of 14 and 17 in 1979, and living at home with their parents that year. For teenagers who were part of the middle class in 1979 — defined as the 30th through 70th percentile of income — about 28 percent of them had fallen out of it, meaning below the 30th percentile of income, by 2006.” (link)

Part of the cause of this downward economic movement has been a drop in real wages for all but the top economic earners during that time period. “The Center for American Progress reported how between 1979 and 2007 the average income of the bottom 50 percent of American households grew by 6%; the top 1% saw their income increase by 229 percent.”  (1979-2007).

During the same period, inflation went up about 118% (1979-2007), more than doubling prices. Real wages, wages compared to inflation, has been dropping. But you won’t hear the Republican presidential candidates mention this except as way to blame the poor and attack Social Security, Medicaid and other government programs to aid the lower and middle classes.

Economic class at birth determines your economic opportunities in life, or as Max Weber put it, your class is identified with your market position and it determines your “life chances.”

Those that attack welfare recipients as being lazy and not motivated ignore the reality of class and market position. Of course there are examples of people who have overcome poverty and become wealthy. However, a 2006 study funded by the Center for American Progress showed that there was only a 1% chance of a person in the lowest quintile (bottom 20%) of becoming a member of upper quintile, the top 20% of national incomes.

The Heartland Alliance creates an even bleaker picture of poverty. “Intergenerational elasticity in earnings is estimated to be around 0.6 – this is the correlation in earnings between parents and their children in adulthood. This means that for a hypothetical family of four whose current income is at the poverty line, it would take the descendants of the family 5 to 6 generations (125 to 150 years) before their income will be within 5 percent of the national average.18…African Americans and single mothers and their children are less likely to be upwardly mobile than other groups.20”  (link)

If it was just a matter of working hard, why is poverty rising and wealth more concentrated at the top than ever before? Is it that 80% of Americans are lazy? There is a given amount of wealth in a nation and thus when more wealth is concentrated at the top, there will be more poverty at the bottom.

According to Professor G. William Domhoff in his newly updated “Wealth, Income and Power” (2011), the top 1% wealthy people in the U.S. control 34.6% of the nation’s wealth and the next 19% highest control an addition 50.5%. That means the top 20% wealthiest people in the U.S. control over 85% of the wealth leaving 15% for the rest of us. It is clear that if the poor are stealing from us, they are inept thieves. With the top quintile currently hoarding their wealth, how is a poor person with insufficient education, living in a run down neighborhood with little in terms of “life chances” supposed to dig out of poverty?

Why don’t people hate the corporate criminals who created hedge funds to bet against mortgages Wall Street Banks and mortgages firms originated? Those same companies write tax codes for themselves so they pay little or nothing into our nations treasury. They are too strong and powerful, and if you want to get elected to state or national office, you dare not take them on.

We must dispel the myths perpetrated by the far-right and others that welfare recipients are all lazy, all greedy, all selfish and that they are all stealing from us.

Reason people are poor

It might be news to many people in America, and especially the far right, but people aren’t poor by choice. There are reasons for poverty.

Being poor is harder today, for the economic and political climate around poverty has changed dramatically since President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.  “Over the past 25 years significant structural changes have occurred in the United States that have influenced poverty, making current-day poverty different in some ways from poverty just a few decades ago. These structural changes include transformations in our economic structure such as the shift from manufacturing employment to service-sector employment; the de-institutionalization of people with mental illnesses into community settings; welfare reform, which resulted in a an emphasis on work over welfare; changes in immigration patterns; and skyrocketing rates of incarceration.” (link) Today there is no “War on Poverty”, just a war on the poor.

The current crop of the Republicans want to cut into the social safety net during a recession, a time when more people need help than any other. “Recessions…have a disproportionate impact on lower-income families because they cause rising unemployment, a reduction in work hours, and the stagnation of family incomes – all of which have the greatest impact for those with the least income to begin with.” (Ibid) But Republicans want to use the debt crisis to cut from and eliminate programs to aid the poor  and anyone that’s not a billionaire donor to their party.

Layoffs lead to poverty and government spending creates jobs and reduces poverty. But Republicans don’t deal with economic reality; they live in a realm of ideology devoid of facts. “Unemployment rates, wages, and inequality are used to measure the impact of economic performance on poverty, and all have rather consistently predicted poverty over the past two decades.22”  (Ibid)

Here are some of the reasons someone might enter into poverty or be poor, according to research by the Heartland Alliance.

1. “Individuals in households that experience a loss of employment are the most likely to enter poverty.”

2. A reduction in household earnings. “Almost half (49.3%) of poverty spells begin when the household experiences a decline in earnings.”

3. Low Wages. Having a job is not the answer if wages are too low. One quarter of all workers earn poverty wages.

4. Lack of high a school diploma. Despite the link to poverty, we have a high rate of high school drop outs in the United States.

5. Health care costs are a huge factor in poverty.

And the number one reason for poverty is…

6. lack of jobs.

Support President Obama’s jobs program and his attempts to raise revenue from the top tax brackets. That is one way they would become the “job creators” that they lie about being.

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Tex Shelters

D.C. Files for FEMA Funding

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from shankbone.org

Facing the worst drought of ideas in eighty years, and exacerbated by the Bush presidency, our nation’s capital has filed for emergency relief funds. “We once used to export ideas, with Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Duke Ellington, Dave Chappelle. Now our concept economy has dried up,” said Deputy Vice Mayor of District Parks, Giuliana Scherzo. “We might have to ask Europe for help with our idea deficit. Perhaps they could send Lars Von Trier or Werner Herzog to help out. In the past, we could ask Hollywood or Mowtown for a fresh thought or two, but have you seen the latest movies and heard the latest records?”

“Who knows when and where the next ideas will come,” said long time D.C. resident Emiliano Cassius Bolivar, Jr, owner of an acting studio for Congressional members. “We thought that Obama and his team would help address the conceptual deficit in our nation’s capital, but it just hasn’t happened.”

And since the new Republican dominated House has taken over, the reserve supply of ideas has run dry.

It also didn’t help that Michelle Rhee was D.C. schools chancellor from 2007 to 2010 trotting out her tried and failed concept of high stakes testings.

Representative Peter King suggested that if D.C. used FEMA funds, that it would have to be paid for by budget cuts, but perhaps D.C. residents could work as maids and butlers to reconcile the budget.

With the retirement of Bill Gates and now Steve Jobs, no relief is in sight for this crisis.

Tex Shelters

Rick Perry, Death, and Hypocrisy

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In 1989, Rick Perry gets the fateful call of duty. Perry picks up the phone as the clock strikes midnight.

Perry: Hello?

Death: Rick.

Perry: Who is this?

Death: Death

Perry: Come on, who is this, Larry? Larry from A&M?

Death: It’s death.

Perry: (mocking) Okay Larry…death, what do ya want?

Death: You looked hot in that Hitler uniform in college. Reminds me of the good old days back in Germany…

Perry: Wha…?

Death (continues): much hotter than that cheerleading costume…

Perry: Who IS this?

Death:  You show real potential, but your going to have to leave the Democratic party to realize it. Remember when you killed those ants with the magnifying glass. I could sense the real joy you felt in your heart giving those ants what they deserve. And that time at the funeral of House Speaker Sam Rayburn of your home state, you so wanted the power over life and death.  Life and death is my area of expertise, but you felt that yearning.

Perry: Yes.

Death: I want to help you realize your full potential. I want to put you in the Governor’s mansion in Texas to ensure those on death row die.

Perry: (Excited, like he watching ants die) Yes.

Death: (Smiling inside) Yes. I have some other missions for you. First, you must leave the Democratic party and join the party of Death, the Gravediggers Own Party. Sure, I work with Democrats as well, but with them, it’s always compromise. If I have to kill a few million in Cambodia, can I at least “save some starving Africans”.

Perry: And if I change to Republican, you can help me get in the Governors Mansion?

Death: I would kill to have someone like you running Texas, ha ha, in fact I will kill. And if you heed my words, perhaps even the White House is in the offing.

Forward to February 13 to February 14, 2004. Perry is up late reading an evidence report. The curtains in his den billow out, and Perry sees a ghostly shape he hasn’t seen since his successful election for Governor. Death appears to Perry.

Death: Hello Rick. You know what to do with the evidence exonerating Cameron Todd Willingham, correct?  Besides, what do scientists know about fire that I don’t know. Accidental or not, he still started that fire, and…(waiting for Perry to finish his sentence)

Perry: …he deserves to die. (on his knees) Yes my lord. I must ignore the evidence, ignore science, ignore the capital punishment statute, and have faith in you. But how do you know the fire wasn’t intentional?

Death: (in a threatening tone) I WAS THERE. Remember, I am death.

Perry: But you want me to kill Willingham anyway?

Death: Yes, death always wants death, as should you. Besides it’s his time. God told me (chuckles to himself).

Perry: And then you’ll let me be President.

Death: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I already have the deal with Bush in place. So, are you a man of science, or a man of faith. Be careful how you answer.

Perry: My faith in you got me elected to office…

At that moment, Perry’s wife Anita comes into the room and interrupts.

Anita: Rick, you okay. Who are you talking to?

Perry: (surprise, but making a quick recovery) Uh, yes, just praying.

A couple of years later Death makes an impromptu visit to Perry while he is cleaning his favorite Colt 45.

Death: Hello Rick. (Perry jumps) Good job making cuts to the health care system. Texas will now have the lowest rate of insured in the nation. You make me proud. And as you know, less insured people means they will die an early death.

Perry: Well, we can’t afford…

Death: Cut the crap Rick. You did it because it makes our buddies, the plagues of conservatism, happy. And it quickens the apocalypse, which we can both agree will be a great day.

Perry: Yes. (Perry looks around the garage to make sure his wife isn’t looking on).

Death: And good job on those gun regulations, especially the guns on campus bill. That should get me a few new costumers soon. Here’s hoping. You’ve done such a good job keeping those executions rolling that I have an idea to make the state money I’ll pass along to you. It’s called dead peasants insurance. I suggest you start with insuring teachers, since they will soon have guns in their class rooms. You take out life insurance on them, and when they die, for whatever reason, the insurance goes to the state. I can help with the death, by the way.

Perry: I’ll get right on it. Thank you lord. Get life insurance for the teachers, then cash in. Only death could come up with a plan like that.

Death: One more thing. I love that Texas miracle. Low wage jobs for everyone! Low wages, low health, no insurance and high deaths. And the people believe the economy is gangbusters in Texas, but we both know that Texas undercuts the other states for those minimum wage jobs and avoids those terrible life affirming unions. (death smiles his boney grin) You make me so happy Rick.

Death meets Perry backstage at the Republican debate in 2011.

Death: Remember, I will be in your head, so when they ask you the tough questions about the capital punishment, I’ll be right there with you.

Perry: And I’m here for you lord.

Herb Cain catches Perry in contemplation.

Cain: It’s alway good to call on your lord in times of stress, like I do when I pray about what to do with Muslims.

Death laughs.

At the Republican Debate at Reagan Library, Rick Perry stood up for death. When asked about all the people he allowed to be executed by the state of Texas,“In the state of Texas, our citizens have made that decision…and they don’t want you to commit those crimes against our citizens, and if you do, you will face the ultimate justice.”

After the debate, Governor Perry tweets death: “Thanks for the hand out there, oh lord.”

Death tweets back: “Any time my son.”

Less than a week later at the Tampa Tea Party debate, death whispers into Ron Paul’s ear, “we can’t help everyone, that’s the risk people take when they don’t buy healthcare…”


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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas ties with Mississippi for the highest percentage of workers in minimum wage jobs.

Uneven growth throughout the state

Tex Shelters

The misuses of 9/11

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For many, the ten year anniversary of 9/11 is an emotionally charged time. People lost friends and loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001, and those who didn’t, know people who did.  President George W. Bush had a great opportunity, as did the American people, to use the events of 9/11 to unite us and work together to make the world a better, safer place for all people. Instead, Bush and his White House team used the 9/11 attacks to make money, create disunity among the people, to break international law, to attack our fundamental freedoms and to increase their political power. Here are some of the ways 9/11 was misused by those in power and the people in general and how the events of 9/11 are being misused to this day.

1. We have used the attacks to censor dissenting voices.  The terrorist attacks pushed us to censor our media and toward a war footing. Those that disagreed with the wars were not heard from and war friendly voices at the New York Times helped sell the Iraq war for the administration. Meanwhile, the millions of people who protested Bush’s saber rattling were not heard from. Anti-war protests get far less media coverage today than the much smaller Tea Party rallies.

2. The attacks were an excuse to create an unprecedented surveillance regime. The United States government has a history of spying on the American people under the guise of security and during a time of perceived national threat. The events of 9/11 are no exception. The U.S.A. Patriotic Act, United and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, was signed by President Bush on October 26, 2001, barely a month after the 9/11 attacks. This law allows the government to act unconstitutionally in the name of freedom. Constitutional Amendments can be circumvented through the Patriot Act. The protection against unlawful searches and seizures (Amendment IV) is violated by Title III in the Patriot Act. The right to a speedy trial (Amendment VI) is circumvented by the act’s provision for indefinite detentions if a person is deemed a “national security threat”. In fact, all provisions of the Amendment VI can be deemed null and void for security purposes according to the Patriot Act. And the law also eliminates the need for the signing of warrants by judges and almost entirely eliminates the judiciary from decisions in criminal cases regarding terrorism.

3. The Bush Doctrine of preemptive war and unilateralism was justified due to the 9/11 attacks. It has been since WWII that a president got congressional authorization for war. But President Bush took his war power one step further. He decided it was okay to attack nations because of the perceived threat they pose, the possibility that Iraq might have WMDs, and that was enough for most members in Congress. It was also enough for many Americans who supported the war in high numbers when it began. Although many people no longer supports the wars, the wars continue with some signs of a draw down in the near future.

4. Our post 9/11 national security regimen has legitimized torture. Because we were and are angry and wanted revenge, we (Bush and Obama along with Congress) have approved the torture of terrorist suspects even when there is little or no evidence that torture garners reliable intelligence.  The American people supported this torture, even when they learned that it does not work.

5. We used 9/11 to justify the rendition terrorist suspects. Rendition means taking a terrorist suspect from the United States, where we will be judicially banned from torturing them, to a nation such as Syria. Syria is the home of President Assad, known war criminal. And in Syria, they have no qualms about using torture for us on those who may, or may not, be terrorists.

6. People used 9/11 to justify their Xenophobia and Islamophobia. Attacks on Muslims rose in the United States after 9/11 as did the hateful rhetoric. People will argue that this type of behavior is “unAmerican”. I would say that it is very American, and European, and African, and Asian. It’s human. The more we fight the tendency to stereotype a whole community based on the actions of a handful of people, people unrelated but easily tied culturally to the Islamic terrorists, the better.

7. The terrorist attacks were used to increase military budgets and expand our mercenary army. We have spent $208 billion on private contractors for the war effort. There has also been at least $30 billion in waste to contractors. People say we can’t afford food stamps, but they look away when it comes to war spending. The misuse of our capital due to the 9/11 attacks is staggering. This spending has lead to larger deficits and is one of the major causes of our economic collapse.

8. We used these attacks and the wars to reelect of George W Bush. George W. Bush was both reviled, and reelected, because of his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his reaction to 9/11. Ironically, the president who failed to heed national security warnings about a 9/11 type plane attack was praised for “protecting us since 9/11” and reelected. That not only lead to further war spending and huge tax cuts to the top 1%, but it lead to further deregulation of the banking industry and the current recession.

The 9/11 attacks have been used to justify the heinous behavior by a handful of our troops overseas and continuous attacks on civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The 9/11 attacks have brought out our racism and xenophobia and shown our worst character. Instead of a nationalistic ceremony of puffery followed by hatred and fear, the anniversary of 9/11 can be somber occasion to remember those lost. It can also be a time to rebuff those that have taken advantage of the attacks for personal gain.

Tex Shelters

A Battle Royale (with Cheese) over Food Stamps

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Captain Comerica, Tex Shelters, defender of the Free Market Faith versus Libtard T.J., defender of the undeserving, Snodgrass

They meet one fateful day at the President Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

Tex Shelters: Come to pay your respect to the greatest president ever, Mr. Snodgrass? What’s a libtard like you doing here?

T.J.: Just here studying the false prophets of the American conservative movement.

Tex Shelters: Slander is the devil’s snare, just like food stamps ensnare the American people with false hope.

T.J.: So, Tex, you’re here to visit the “Death to food stamps exhibit”?

Tex: I know you support giving money to undeserving deadbeats T.J., but food stamps make the poor dependent on the help of others. On her web blog, Texas Sparkle points out that Obama is creating a nation dependent on food stamps. How y’all reconcile that with your messiah complex you have for Obama?

T.J. Snodgrass: People are dependent on food stamps because there are no jobs. And Obama is not my messiah.

Tex: So say y’all. Don’t ya see how if there weren’t no food stamps, companies would up and create jobs? Food stamps dampen the desire for the poor to up and get those jobs. Just ask Glenn Beck. 

T.J.:  And people in the desert can stand up and their desire for water will bring it to them.

Tex: Well, what about the racial issue that you liberals make out of food stamps. People got mad at Glenn Beck for calling Obama the “food stamp president”, called Glenn racist even, but there are more whites on food stamps then blacks.

T.J.: Tex, you ignorant slut.   More white people are on food stamps because there six times more white people in the United States than African Americans. If you look at rates, which apparently you didn’t, there are a higher percentage of blacks that use food stamps than whites. About 90% of all black children use food stamps in their life time.

Tex: We can’t even afford to help white people in the United States and you want to help blacks? Oh, now you’re going to call me racist I suppose. It costs at least $2 a meal for all those lazy people getting food stamps in the United States. You don’t expect me to stop eating my white truffles to pay for someone to eat, do you? Are you asking liberals to give up their lattes so people in America can eat? You disgust me Mr. Snodgrass, hollywood elite liberal bastard!

T.J.: Well, yes, skipping a latte to feed the poor is a good start…

Tex: Did you know that food stamps cost our nation $68 billion dollars a year? We can’t afford to keep feeding people!

T.J.: We can’t afford not to feed our people. The Afghan war costs $190 million a day. That’s 5.7 billion a month. It’s $69.4 billion a year. So if we leave Afghanistan, we can pay for food stamps.

Tex: You can’t cut the Afghan war budget; it costs money to kill people.

T.J.: Okay, how about cutting other areas of the military, such as bases overseas? Let nations defend themselves. And do we really need a submarine fleet any more? New super-submarines cost some $8.3 billion dollars. Aren’t there better ways to spend that money, on food stamps for example? The Sustainable Defense Task Force, consisting of military and budget experts from both parties and independents, has shown that we could cut $1 trillion dollars from the military budget of the United States over 10 years, making that $100 billion a year. Those cuts can certainly sustain the food stamp program during these hard times.

Tex: Fine, so you hate our troops and our sailors, but Liberals like you say that food stamps create jobs. Well, then why don’t we put everyone on food stamps so everyone can have a job.

T.J.: Again, you misrepresent our position. Of course, people having jobs is the best outcome, but giving food stamps is better than other options when investing money and helping the poor. And I don’t want our citizens to needlessly be put in harms way fighting overseas.

How about accepting any of Senator Rockefeller’s suggestions to close tax loopholes and bring back the Clinton era tax rates? That, along with the end of the wars, would make the comparatively small food stamp budget a non-issue.

Tex: Raising taxes is socialist, and it would make cuts to Social Security and Medicaid less urgent. We need there to be a financial crisis and deficit so we can go after aid to the less well off and less deserving. Raising any kind of taxes would get in the way of our plan to eliminate these programs, as would helping the needy.

T.J.: Tex, as a Christian, I would think you would support helping the poor.

Tex: I am only a Christian when I want to be, and in the case food stamps, I don’t want to.

Tex Shelters

Note: “Texas Sparkle” is the real name of a conservative blogger at the Houston Chronicle.

Liberal Government Regulations are a Parasitic Ponzi Scheme

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Cartoon from edubass.com

Regulations are ruining the entrepreneurial spirit in America. How do I know this is true? Well, I just told you. And I am sure that the heads of the Forbes 500 would agree that if we just got rid of regulations, we would start hiring people yesterday.

Regulations get in the way of freedom. If someone wants to eat tainted meat and take poisonous medication, who is the Food and Drug Administration to say otherwise? Consumers can test their own food and drugs if they want; regulation only makes us dependent on scientists.

Regulations cut into our profit margins. After having to deal with regulations, who has the free cash to hire anyone? We can’t afford to hire anyone after paying for our megayachts, indoor shark tanks, trips overseas to our tax shelters in our private jets, the multi-million dollar bonuses we pay ourselves, lobbying expenses to avoid taxes and regulation, legal fees to defend against lawsuits, and advertising to enhance our corporate image.

The reason we have no oil in the United States is regulation. BP spent $93.4 million dollars to improve their image after the 2009 oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Containment costs for the BP spill were estimated around $4 billion. However, they didn’t waste their money buying that $500,000 remote shut-off switch that would have contained the spill, and that’s what’s important. But the government regulatory gestapo wants all rigs to have that shut off valve, as if oil spills were a problem. Regulation is hurting our economy and our oil independence.

If we could further deregulate the media, that would help our economy and also help our democracy. In 2004, five corporations owned 90% of the media outlets in the U.S. We are substantially behind Italy where one man, President Berlusconi, controls 80% of the private media channels.

If only we could get Donald Trump that kind of media control and elect him President, we’d all be better off. As it is now, you have to deal with five different corporate executives in the United States to get blanket media coverage. That gets expensive. With the Donald in charge, it would be much easier to get our message out. Right now its torture to get favorable corporate coverage with Rachel Maddow haunting our every step and being so outrageously liberal that she makes up for the 23 hours of daily corporate news with her one hour of coverage. Thankfully, the weekend is safe from her rantings about the Koch brothers control of the Tea Party.

Contaminated water is not dangerous, regulation is. So lets stop testing water quality. Regulation of water interferes with cancer research. If the water were safe, what would oncologists study? Furthermore, regulating water quality is a bottled water trade barrier. We could greatly enhance that market if we just stop testing the water and regulating the effluence from factories, houses and municipalities. It could be a win-win situation. But the socialist U.S. government wants to control our drinking supply as a way to control the people.

Building codes are just a waste of time and money. Haiti turned out quite well without them during their 2010 earthquake.

They also didn’t need building codes in China in 2008. And just because building codes saved lives in Mexico City in 1985 doesn’t mean they are a good thing. As all good Republicans and billionaires know, profit must come first at all costs.

As I have just proven, all regulations are all bad all the time. I am sure you can add your own dangerous regulations to the list.

The upside of regulation is that it gives us an excuse for not hiring as we continue to send jobs overseas. Besides, we’re making all the money we need without dealing with pesky workers.

Tex Shelters