Liberal Government Regulations are a Parasitic Ponzi Scheme

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Regulations are ruining the entrepreneurial spirit in America. How do I know this is true? Well, I just told you. And I am sure that the heads of the Forbes 500 would agree that if we just got rid of regulations, we would start hiring people yesterday.

Regulations get in the way of freedom. If someone wants to eat tainted meat and take poisonous medication, who is the Food and Drug Administration to say otherwise? Consumers can test their own food and drugs if they want; regulation only makes us dependent on scientists.

Regulations cut into our profit margins. After having to deal with regulations, who has the free cash to hire anyone? We can’t afford to hire anyone after paying for our megayachts, indoor shark tanks, trips overseas to our tax shelters in our private jets, the multi-million dollar bonuses we pay ourselves, lobbying expenses to avoid taxes and regulation, legal fees to defend against lawsuits, and advertising to enhance our corporate image.

The reason we have no oil in the United States is regulation. BP spent $93.4 million dollars to improve their image after the 2009 oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Containment costs for the BP spill were estimated around $4 billion. However, they didn’t waste their money buying that $500,000 remote shut-off switch that would have contained the spill, and that’s what’s important. But the government regulatory gestapo wants all rigs to have that shut off valve, as if oil spills were a problem. Regulation is hurting our economy and our oil independence.

If we could further deregulate the media, that would help our economy and also help our democracy. In 2004, five corporations owned 90% of the media outlets in the U.S. We are substantially behind Italy where one man, President Berlusconi, controls 80% of the private media channels.

If only we could get Donald Trump that kind of media control and elect him President, we’d all be better off. As it is now, you have to deal with five different corporate executives in the United States to get blanket media coverage. That gets expensive. With the Donald in charge, it would be much easier to get our message out. Right now its torture to get favorable corporate coverage with Rachel Maddow haunting our every step and being so outrageously liberal that she makes up for the 23 hours of daily corporate news with her one hour of coverage. Thankfully, the weekend is safe from her rantings about the Koch brothers control of the Tea Party.

Contaminated water is not dangerous, regulation is. So lets stop testing water quality. Regulation of water interferes with cancer research. If the water were safe, what would oncologists study? Furthermore, regulating water quality is a bottled water trade barrier. We could greatly enhance that market if we just stop testing the water and regulating the effluence from factories, houses and municipalities. It could be a win-win situation. But the socialist U.S. government wants to control our drinking supply as a way to control the people.

Building codes are just a waste of time and money. Haiti turned out quite well without them during their 2010 earthquake.

They also didn’t need building codes in China in 2008. And just because building codes saved lives in Mexico City in 1985 doesn’t mean they are a good thing. As all good Republicans and billionaires know, profit must come first at all costs.

As I have just proven, all regulations are all bad all the time. I am sure you can add your own dangerous regulations to the list.

The upside of regulation is that it gives us an excuse for not hiring as we continue to send jobs overseas. Besides, we’re making all the money we need without dealing with pesky workers.

Tex Shelters

  1. I agree. Just give it to me and I’ll sign.

  2. The Liberal Politicians are just as guilty of allowing the outsourcing of jobs as the conservative and moderate politicians. The President now wants China to invest even more money in our debt with yet another phony jobs program. I don’t want China’s investment in our Debt, I want their investment in our people. Both sides are going about it the wrong way, we need to stop importing goods and start encouraging the Chinese and others to invest in factories here, in our people. By doing that than they will make some money to lift their people without burring our people in the process. Neither side wants’ to do that. We cannot survive as a country by being a service jobs based economy, we need to build things again. Re-education is a joke not everyone is cut out for college and the 8 wk retraining my educate someone to work at McDonalds.

    Here’s an Idea Tex,

    Vote for me…

    • Jake,

      A liberal, by definition, is not for outsourcing. So those supposed “liberals” are actually corpordams or moderates. There are a few left in Congress.

      Yes, Democrats, as a party, are guilty of this as well. However, they aren’t against all regulations like many on the far right are. On the whole the party that ignores the need for regulations is the Republican party, and I think I laid out their insanity well. Okay, and Max Baucus and Mary Landrieu and a few dems who only ran as a Dem because they couldn’t win in the Republican party.

      Tex Shelters

      • When I said Politicians I didn’t only mean congress. Sure Liberals are for outsourcing ( by their actions) all one has to do is look at the auto industry, State and Local Government to see how regulation and labor regulations affect outsourcing. Indiana and Michigan are right next to each other yet when Toyota, Subaru and Honda decided to invest in America they choice the Libertarian leaning Indiana to do so not the more Liberal Illinois, New York or Pro-Union (former King of Auto Manufacturing) Michigan. BTW what Demographic/Racial group has the highest Unemployment? What areas of the country have the highest unemployment? You know the answer, some of the most liberal areas of the country the areas that blindly pull the democratic lever year after year.

        • Sneaky, but that is because liberals buy a better product. And liberal pols would be against making the process easier, generally.

          But again, you are off base.

          This is about regulation, and how some right-wing hypocrites think all regulations are bad unless it helps them of course.

          Tex Shelters

          • I’m far from off base Tex, I just don’t have the same twisted logic as you do. All regulations are not bad, I’m a card carrying member if the NRA, I’m a hunter and fisherman so there are many on the right who are like me many who are basically environmentalist, not to be confused with the tree hugger nuts on your side of the fence but true environmentalist who rely on the land to feed our families and not just a grocery store. You did know much of our licensing fees for hunting and fishing go toward maintaining the environment in a healthy condition.

            • You took my comment personally, which is telling. I wasn’t calling you one of the right-wing nuts, but I was pointing out that this post was not about liberal pols versus conservatives, and you wanted to make it about that.

              You’re a hunter. Did you know that many liberals are also hunters? Or did your narrow minded stereotypes block your brain from that reality.

              Stop your stereotyping and you will see that many “tree huggers”, another bull shit stereotype, are not as out of touch with the need and uses for hunting as you think.

              Yes, my point exactly about the licenses and fees for hunting and fishing. The fee make it possible to sustain the land and protect if for further use, whether it be tree hugging of mass extinction of species by fascist nazi serial animal killers with guns. I hope you know I was joking there to scare you with your own stereotype of “tree huggers”.

              Tex Shelters

              • LOL, well Tex I do hunt with some pro-labor Dems, (big difference). There probabally are a few Liberal Hunters, though I doubt they would stand up and be counted in the presence of their liberal friends since they for the most part wouldn’t want to start a fuss with the fur is dead people.

  3. You do realize that a eugenicist whore and a Monsanto exec pic are running the FDA, right?

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