Some Liberal Commie Police Refuse to use Pepper Spray on Occupy Groups

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Police who don’t pepper spray protesters are too liberal.


These students post a threat http://www.guardian.co.uk

There are communists running our police departments across America and we must put a stop to them before the Occupy Movement really gets out of control.

Take a look at this video at UC Davis.

If you take a close look, you can see a large police officer in his riot gear, standing over the protesters who are sitting crouched and bent over and obviously posing a threat to the police by being submissive. He and other officers needed to spray those threatening college kids. Those students have been breaking the law by trespassing on college campus grounds. Do they think the universities are there for students? What gives them the right to protest tuition increases? Where is it written that they can ask their grievances to be addressed? Frankly, we should pepper spray anyone who dares to speak out of turn when they should be silent. It is a valid use of force.

Every teacher in America that doesn’t have a can of pepper spray in their desk drawer next to their 9 mm is a liberal coward. Besides, pepper spray is a food product, essentially.

Bus drivers across America should have pepper spray to deal with unruly passengers and to spice up their chinese take out. Parents should have pepper spray given to them when they have a child just in case. The point is, there are many socialist police departments out there that have yet to use pepper spray on their local Occupy Movement, and we need to black list them and call them out for the coward they are.

Other things that police can do to prove they are real Americans include:

More rubber bullets and concussion grenades, especially when protesters try to help an injured person. 

Water board protesters. Since it’s not torture (it’s just enhanced interrogation) no problem.

Blast in a cavalcade of worst songs ever to the occupiers including “MacArthur Park” by  Richard Harris, “(You’re) Having My Baby” by Paul Anka, “We Built This City” by Starship, Uptown Girl by Billy Joel, and many many more!

Collaborate with other mayors to crack down on free speech. Call in the Police Executive Research Forum or PERF. PERF those protesters!

Whatever you do, side with the 1%. While they may take money from your 401k for their yachts, poison our water supply for profit, privatize your kids school and ask tuition while lowering standards, sell you out to the banks, bring back child labor and get rid of the eight hour day and minimum wage, it’s better than having to listen to a bunch of hippies and getting upset with our nations economic and political problems that they unpatriotically discuss.

Tex Shelters

  1. I don’t think the pepper spray had the desired effect the police were looking for Tex. Perhaps next time a fire hose or even Tasers.

    While I don’t agree with you guys that just wasn’t right.

  2. Jake,

    You are a patriot. Yes, I forgot the tasers.

    And I am sure you agree with some of our ideas, like reducing the cost of universities and reducing student debt and down on too big to fail and bank bailouts and your against pepper spraying peaceful protesters.


    • Well I don’t think anything is too big to fail, I think we should have just let the chips fall and I think we would have been better off now. Cost of education? IDK, I think it’s long overdue that we had K-14 instead of K-12 education. In this high tech world I don’t think you can get by with anything less than an associates degree. Maybe we could make a trade, K-14 education for everyone and we kick the US Dept of Education to the Curb.

      Take care Tex.

  3. Pepper spraying pizza! This is gonna go to a whole new level! Next, we’ll be pepper spraying ears of corn.

    No pepper spray for my eyes
    But I’d like a spritz for my fries
    Pepper spray as weapon and food
    Double duty twice as good
    Trust someone at Fox News
    To come up with sane new views

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