Why I envy Mitt Romney and the 1%

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Mitt Romney, in his finite wisdom, pointed out that Obama is using the politics of envy. “It’s a very envy-oriented, attack-oriented approach and I think it will fail.”  So, if you want corporations and the 1% to pay their share of taxes, and you’re in favor of job’s bills and regulating “too big to fail” banks, you are doing so because you are envious of Romney and the 1%. I am envious as well.

1. I am envious of the 1% because I too want to buy companies and send jobs overseas.

2. I am envious of Romney because I also want to lie and change my mind whenever it’s politically expedient.

3. Ignorance is bliss, and I am not nearly as blissful as Mitt Romney, whom I envy.

4.  I envy Romney because I too would like to be able to say one day, “Then, I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much,” in reference to earning $374,327.62 in speaking fees from February 2010 to February 2011.

5. I am envious because I would also like to be able to joke like Romney about “fearing a pink slip” while knowing I had millions in the bank and daddy’s millions to back me up.

6. I am also envious because I am not ruthless and uncaring enough to run for president in a political party that would just as well see people die than raise a finger to care for the them.

7. I am envious of the 1% because I wish I could buy elected officials and write legislation for Congress.

8. I envy the Koch brothers because I wish I could fund a political movement like the Tea Party and get candidates elected under that banner to cut social programs while keeping my taxes low.

9. I envy BP, Exxon and other massive polluters who can make hundreds of billions off of energy and then only pay a couple of billion dollars in fines when our projects destroy a coastline.

10. I envy the mega corporations that have had the joy of laying off thousands of workers (like Romney has, that lucky dog!) and sending the jobs overseas under the aegis of free market capitalism.

12. I envy the 1% who have skillfully gotten their lackeys into Congress who in turn blame the 99% for being poor and unemployed.

13. I envy the 1% because when they screw up, somebody else pays.

Romney is right; it’s envy that motivates people to criticize the 1%, not justice, equality, common sense, humanism and compassion.

Tex Shelters

  1. I envy Mitt Romney because he pays more for a single haircut than I spend for food for six months for me and my cat.

  2. The Obama administration must be licking their chops at the possibility of facing Mitt come November. I believe the Republican Party is misreading their base on the rich and poor. My wife and I are in the 25% income tax bracket and we get hit with the payroll tax too. While as a Republican I really don’t think Mitt should have his taxes raised but I really find it offensive that My wife and I pay a higher percentage of our income in taxes. We need a Flat tax for all income levels, get rid of the payroll tax and for those who wish to invest overseas instead of at home they need to pay twice the rate that rest of us pay. Flat tax of 15% for all income no matter how it’s made, 30% for investing for investing in say China and 50% for all money sheltered in overseas accounts to skirt our tax laws. Tex I hear the arguments for lower tax rates to encourage investments, but I risk my life every time I take a load of fuel down the highway. People like Mitt are always going to invest to make their money, they don’t need special incentives to do it. I just don’t see Mitt ever making his money by hauling Gasoline or Hydrochloric Acid for a living. If something goes wrong in Mitts Business he just looses money, if something goes wrong whit how I earn my money, I loose my life.

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