To Be a Good Old Jew, You Must Vote for Sanders

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U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Sanders delivers an address to Liberty University students in Lynchburghttp://www.christiantoday.com

Rabbi Rabinowitz of Kfar Bar’am synagogue in New Amsterdam has come out in support of fellow Jew, Bernie Sanders:

Us Jews have to stick together. We have to work together to help our community and defend against attacks perpetrated on us. So, I support Bernie Sanders, a good Jewish Boy. Not only would it be a mitzvah to support him, but you’d have to be a real putz to be a Jew and not support Bernie. 


Abel Feigenbaum of the National Jewish Museum in New Jersey, also talks about the importance of helping out fellow Jews:

You can’t just be Jewish one day, and then when you enter the voting booth, not be Jewish. The duty of the Jew doesn’t stop at the front door of the synagogue. And part of that duty is to vote for Jews when they are running for office. Bernie will always be there for the Jews, and it is our duty to be there for him. To do otherwise would be extremely Fercockt. 

Smithers Jones of The National Society of Septuagenarians has also come out for Sanders, and he makes it clear that,

Anybody over 65 that votes for Clinton should GET OFF MY LAWN! Old folks should stick with old folks and not whippersnappers like Clinton who has no idea what it’s like to get old. 


He also claims that Clinton has bias against older folks, “When Clinton said, ‘I’ll be the youngest woman president in the history of the United States”, it was a clear attack on older Americans like Senator Sanders.

Why Clinton hates older Jews, is beyond me. It is clear that septuagenarians and Jews should support Sanders because they are septuagenarians and Jews. That’s reason enough.

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