Prophets of Rage debut is more than the sum of their parts

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Prophets of Rage (PoR) self titled album is a masterclass in collaborative musicianship. And unlike so many rap and rock albums, Prophets of Rage does not slow down. The album rages from track one to track twelve.

The album maximizes the talents of each member: Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, RATM; DJ Lord and Chuck D, Public Enemy and B-Real, Cypress Hill. I thought B-Real would be the odd-man out. I was wrong: his combination of high pitched and aggressive vocals is a great counter point to the straight forward, lower toned attack of Chuck D.

They each found their own unique voice here. Sure, that’s Chuck D and B-Real sharing the vocals, but it’s not Public Enemy or Cypress Hill. PoR meets and at times surpasses the quality of the bands they came from. And unlike other supergroups, they are in no way trying to outdo or imitate their progenerators. Unlike PoR early tracks and covers of RATM songs, Chuck and Real are in no way trying to replace the irreplaceable Zack de la Rocha. They have become their own group now. And this fan can’t be happier.

Tom Morello is let loose. Freed to play around, he makes some of the best noise of his career. Perhaps his guitar lines aren’t as melodic as some RATM tracks, but that is in his past. It is as if he channeled some Andy Gill and Hendrix and put on the noise with some modern effects. It sure doesn’t hurt that Morello has his Rage band mates, Commerford and Wilk, on bass and drums respectively. They hold their own and keep things moving.

Chuck D at times seemed to hold back to allow his Public Enemy co-vocalists to keep up. There is no need to hold back with B-Real, another lead vocalist, to do the counterpoint and also take the lead.

Rating: Pay full Price, 11/12.

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