“You Were Never Really Here”: a review.

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you were never really here

“You Were Never Really Here” is an entertaining film by by Lynne Ramsay about a vigilante named Joe, no last name. From the cinematography to the editing, the script to the acting, it is well done. Except the sound editing. That was a disappointment in an otherwise well put together film. 

The music in some scenes was too loud. Why do many sound editors insist on pinning the needle on the music when the drama increases? Was sound man Paul Davis reacting to the shock of the scene and accidentally pushing the volume up to eleven? A deaf audience would have complained about the volume in at least two scenes. Gratefully, the over-loud music was less evident after the first third of the film. 

The film makes great use of flashbacks. Many films hold flashbacks too long so they aren’t flashbacks as much as they are daydreams. Some films use bizarre music that doesn’t match the film or uses smokey filters. Director Ramsey eschews all the gimmicks in the film’s flashbacks and cuts them in so as to develop Joe’s character without being a distraction. 

The film has one star: Joaquin Phoenix as Joe. He is entertaining portraying a troubled veteran hired to rescue lost children. I assume Joe does other jobs as well or there is a bigger demand for rescuing children than one might assume. Actress Ekaterina Samsonov plays Nina adeptly and is especially compelling at the end of the film. 

The film is reminiscent of “Taxi Driver” and “Taken.” There are two major surprises in the film that increase the tension and drama for the viewer. The film ends well with just the right amount of finality without giving us pat answers. 

Rating: Pay Full Price.
Hammer out a few minutes for this Lynne Ramsay gem. 

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