Notorious RBG is a Notorious Advertisement for a Failed United States Democracy

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Notorious RBG is a Notorious Advertisement for a Failed United States Democracy


Ruth Baden-Ginsberg (RBG) is currently the most important dissenting voice on the Supreme Court of the United States. That is because the rest of the court reads the Constitution like a document that is supposed to protect the well off and their property and not foment popular democracy, and that is exactly what it does.  Ginsberg is also the only Supreme Court Justice with a documentary about them in circulation the United States, “Notorious RBG.”

The highest court interprets the Constitution, a legal document that protects the rights of some of the people some of the time. Ultimately, the Constitution protects the status quo

Only 27 of over 11,000 proposed amendments have passed, and ten were in the Bill of Rights. None of the economic Bill of Rights proposed by President Franklin Roosevelt have ever been added to the supreme law of the land. In fact, the Constitution guarantees little access to governing or decision making to the proletariat at all. It allows those with money to buy speech, to buy better legal defense, to buy and control our mass media, and pay for politicians that pass laws to protect and increase their profit. Most of the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, in fact, are more useful to people the more money you have.  

Justice Ginsberg is usually on the progressive, humanitarian side of court arguments. But why are some of these issues arguments at all? Why do people believe it’s okay to control women’s reproduction, why is it okay that women make less than men for the same work, why is money free speech, why did the court select the president at all in 2000? These have all been arguments in the court Justice Ginsberg has considered. By representing these issues in the court and the way RBG defends her side, it legitimizes a political system that works for the powerful to the detriment of the most vulnerable in the United States. 

On a court of mainly conservative white men, she is a standout, but the system in which she must argue for humanity against corporate, elitist, sexist power, is broken. The film, Notorious RBG, works to legitimize that system by showing that what happens in the halls of power is normal.

If we want real change, we need to stop saluting tepid resistance to a system that is killing us and the planet. Has Ginsberg stood up for the rights of many in this nation? Certainly. But her friendship with the anti-woman, racist Justice Scalia puts her allegiances in question. Ultimately, she works for system that propagates economic inequality using the law.  

Rating: Matinee
The film is well done, and if you want to learn about Justice Ginsberg, it is a good film. Don’t see it for much history of the struggles behind the search for justice.  Certainly, don’t bother seeing it for a critique of our flawed system. See ‘Manufacturing Consent’ instead.

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