Hereditary: A Maladapted Mutation

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Hereditary is a mess of a film. The beginning looks great. Then the plot starts, and it goes downhill from there. It briefly picks up with some scares and hope comes back that it might be a good horror film. But alas, the film quickly becomes a litany of horror film tropes and becomes laughable. People were actually laughing at the film in the theater at one point. They were laughs of derision, not laughs of uncomfortable fear or humor. In my mind, I tried to defend the film from the audience laughing. However, I knew they were right. The film was often ridiculous. 

Hereditary is a mish-match of Biblical, occult, and B horror flick plot elements. I can’t even write that good performances are wasted. None of the performances were noteworthy. They could have used cardboard cutouts with proximity censors that made noises as you passed instead of actors and you wouldn’t have missed much. 

There is little to redeem the film except that there were a couple of actual scares and it wasn’t too long. Oh yeah, the dioramas in the film were spectacular, but they were underutilized. The music was unobtrusive, mostly, and it was shot competently. That’s as high as the praise goes. 

The tone of the film changed so rapidly that it felt like it was authored by two or more writers. The film had some great scares, some of the stupidest plot elements, and poorly done action scenes. The fetishism with heads in the film was at first shocking and then it became ridiculous. 

The plot was a patchwork of elements that didn’t had no unifying theme. The foreshadowing in the film didn’t pan out and there were elements that were featured briefly and were dropped. Hereditary didn’t know what kind of horror film it wanted to be and several times made the wrong choices. 

Rating: Rent it/ Stream it. If it’s Halloween and you want two and a half genuine scares, see Hereditary. Otherwise, rewatch Get Out!, a film that only increases in quality with each lesser horror film I see. 

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