Mission Impossible: Fallout Asks the Question, Who Needs Bond?

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Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, is your everyman-spy, action hero. While he is impossibly lucky and athletic, there is an approachable quality to Cruise. I am not the biggest Cruise fan, but his ability to be a regular guy while fighting villains is remarkable. Even his love interests are down to earth and approachable unlike the impossibly glamorous women in Bond films. 


Rebecca Ferguson plays the latest love interest and action heroine Ilsa Faust, and Michelle Monaghan (probably happy to forget her role in Pixels) plays hunt’s ex-wife, Dr. Julia Meade-Hunt. She is a humanitarian and world saver in her own right. Monaghan’s role is a small reprise from earlier films and Ferguson has a major, if at times poorly written, role that is also a return for her. Both are good actresses and their characters hold their own though MI: 6 is clearly focused on Ethan Hunt and the male villains.

The first half an hour of Fallout was the most implausible and much of film is predictable. There were few surprises, exciting action scenes and some good, villainous behavior. Again, we don’t know whom to trust except Hunt, Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Luther Stickell (Vinge Rames). While there is no scene that reaches the action level of the Dubai skyscraper climb (MI: 4) for tension and originality, the helicopter stunts were spectacular in their own right even if I have seen helicopter stunts before. 

Don’t see the film for the plot. It’s pretty stupid and just another excuse for action. Again, we have a thumb drive, arms dealing, and nuclear material. Isn’t there another way to threaten the world? Then we have the “White Widow”, a super criminal, weapons dealer played like a vapid super model by the Queen’s sister (Princess Margaret in The Crown), Vanessa Kirby. Kirby is the one thing Bond definitely would have had in his film, except he would have had sex with her. IMF Agent Ethan Hunt might not have qualms about throwing people out of helicopters who get in his way, but having an affair is beneath him. 

Henry Cavill playing August Walker is quite a sight. I have not seen Cavill as Superman, so I had no idea what a physical specimen he is. And he uses his physicality well while punching Hunt and other’s that get in his way to make the world suffer for some reason I don’t remember because the plot was so stupid. And the way Cavill shoots that machine gun? Hot! And his mustache! 


Mission Impossible: Fallout  is an action-packed cliche fest that doesn’t break any grounds with the plot but has action scenes worthy of a summer block-buster. 

Rating: Matinee. There are better films around, but for the price, there is more action per dollar and minute in MI: 6 that we soon forget how insipid the plot is. 

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