‘Puzzle’ is unique for what it isn’t

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‘Puzzle’ is a unique film in many ways.  First, the film is about a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. Second, the protagonist is a house wife, Agnes, played delightfully by Kelly Macdonald. Third, it features a Irrfan Khan, an India actor who is renowned throughout the subcontinent and elsewhere, who plays the puzzle obsessed inventor, Robert. And the film doesn’t make an issue about him being from Asia. He just is.

What are they thinking having an Asia man making puzzles with a White women from a suburbs of New York City and not having a big racial dust up! 

The film is about Agnes discovering who she is after twenty years of marriage to Louie, played with restraint by Dan Denman. And the writer and director shows restraint by not making Louie a complete loser, asshole, abuser. He’s a traditional man who has limited choices and vision while his wife is talented and charming. Circumstances lead Agnes to realize she has a less than satisfying marriage and the plot goes from there. 

The actors do great job with the limited challenges they have. McDonald shows the transformation in Agnes in subtle and some less than subtle ways. Robert also goes through a transformation of sorts. It is Louie who is stuck in a rut, though even he bends to winds of fortune. 

Rating: Matinee  ‘Puzzle’ is pleasant film with some low impact surprises. However, nothing about the filming, the music, the editing, or the production is ground breaking. 

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