Michael Moore is Angry, and that’s Good

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Fahrenheit 11/9 is Michael Moore’s new film and it’s an equal opportunity attack on the major parties’ candidates and Presidents. The person who comes off looking the worst is President Obama. In fact, the whole Democratic establishment is excoriated by Moore and his sardonic wit again and again. The film plays too long and holds on to points well after the audience gets it, but over all, it’s a major cinematic comeback from the tepid, Where to Invade Next.

The film starts with a series of triumphant media talking heads on the impossibility of the Trump victory, first in the Republican primaries and then in the general election. However, Keith Ellison tells a panel on MSNBC to get ready for Trump, for he might “just win the Republican primary.” The whole panel, led by George Stephanopoulos, former advisor to Bill Clinton, had a hardy laugh at Ellison’s expense. After giving Trump hundreds of millions in free media coverage, they aren’t laughing now. 

At the time, the ‘liberal’ media loved that idea of a Trump candidacy, so much so that they gave him millions in free air time to help him represent the Republicans and lose to their chosen champion, Hillary Clinton. Trump received 23 times more free air time than Sanders. He outpaced the whole Republican field in free air time with nearly 1.9 billion during the primaries. And during the general election, he got 50% more free airtime than Clinton. Who needs money when you get free air time, as much as $5 billion? As Moore put it in his film, the media wanted Clinton to win, so they helped Trump, the weakest candidate in their eyes, represent the Republicans. Oops. 

And Michael Moore, for his part, predicted Trump would win. 

Trump won, and Moore was sadly vindicated. 

The best part of the film is that is highlighted the widespread dissatisfaction with the political system in this nation. From the water crisis in Flint to the teachers strikes all over this nation (starting in West Virginia), people have learned the truth about politics in this nation: the rich don’t care about you and they currently run things. As George Carlin put it, “They don’t care about you.”

Moore doesn’t quite go that far, but it’s as close to a reality check as you’ll get on the big screen these days. There are some amazing scenes of rebellion and actual resistance in the film. And there are some amazing montages of the American tragedy we live in. We know this is happening, and Moore encapsulates much of it in one film for us. You too will cry and laugh at the tragedy that is American politics.

Rating: Pay Full Price

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