Hardy Can’t Save Venom

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Venom is a bad movie. The dialogue and script are terrible. The music is undistinguished filler and the Venom theme song is annoying. The acting is horrible. Even Hardy was off the mark, and that wasn’t just the fault of terrible script. He tried to be scary and charming, as Venom can be, but the script held him back most of the time. The special effects and CGI are bad. Even the Stan Lee cameo was wasted and only a nod to a sequel. This life form isn’t going to a another Venom movie soon. 

The film has too many coincidences and plot points that are poorly drawn. The origin story is insipid and Eddy Brock’s (the human host played by Hardy) character is irredeemable. There is nothing to like about this stupid asshole. The fight between the two main symbiont/hosts was terrible. You could not tell who was whom, who was Venom and who was Riot (the “bad” symbiont). In fact, all the action scenes are sloppy and cheap looking. 

The motivations for some of the actions were confusing or nonexistent. Also confusing is the character arcs. Were we suppose to empathize with Brock, a man not clever enough to hide his disdain long enough to get a good story. That’s not noble; that’s stupid. And to think they needed three writers to create this dreck they call a script. Did they check each others’ work? 

Again, we have another evil rich genius, an Elon Musk type named Carlton Drake, trying to bring down humanity. And this time he does it by importing space beings. He experiments with these being, ignores the scientific method, endangers humanity, and we don’t understand why. Some genius. Was he an abused, bullied child as a kid? Who is he trying to get revenge on? It makes no sense. In the end, it’s just stupid. 

Ultimately, the story from the comic book doesn’t translate to the big screen. They should have rewritten it, taken out many of the elements and added more genuine emotion. A cardboard cutout could have added real feelings to some of those scenes. The point is, the emotion is fake and they expect the audience to add it for them by putting in the elements of emotion but not the substance. That’s lazy filmmaking. 

Brock’s relationship with Mary Jane, er, I mean Anne, is pathetic. We need a vengeful Venom and more conflict with the human host, not a trite unexplained love of humanity that Venom purports at the end of the film. 

Rating: Rent it. If you are trapped on a plane or at a friend’s house, give it a go. Otherwise, just say no.

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