The Girl in the Spider’s Web has no bite

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The Girl in the Spider Web is a mess. The plot is cockamamie. There are few logical connections between the scenes. How Lisbeth Salander gets from one discovery to another makes little sense. Actress Claire Foy has no chance with this script to shine. Fewer plot elements and more insight into her process of detection could have saved this film. What we are left with is a series well constructed set pieces with some decent action and no reason to care. 

It looked good. And that’s the best thing about it. This is another case where a limited series would have been better. And let me emphasize limited. One problem with the trend of TV series is creators don’t know when enough it enough. We don’t need another season of Narcos, though it might be good. We don’t have to watch more Alienist with the next book being adapted from the lessor work, Angel of Darkness. Sometimes, one season is enough. It worked to perfection with The Terror and could have worked with The Girl in the Spider Web.  

Worse, they violated Tex Shelters’ character rule number #1: Don’t have supposedly smart characters do stupid things, especially if the action is against their character. In one scene, Salander disables a car to rescue a genius child. She takes her gun and grabs the boy from the back of the criminals’ car. Take a second to try to figure out what the ruthless Salander does wrong…

She leaves the killers alive! At that point, I called bullshit and started hating the film. Double-tap the killers right away, or give an actual reason she doesn’t kill them. She has no moral code against killing (at this point in the film or books), especially not other killers. Perhaps the assassins wake up and shoot at her, or a helicopter comes over the bridge after her. But don’t leave the killers alive. If she had killed them, it wouldn’t have altered main plot at all. Why the writer and director left in such an obvious mistake is beyond me. 

The criminals aren’t that clever either, but at least Salander tricks them and gets away, and it’s not just their sheer stupidity that keeps her alive. 

One of the worst choices the writer and director make is turning Lisbeth from a local avenger to an international spy. I guess everyone is out to rescue the world: Avengers, James Bond, Agents of SHEILD, Guardians of the Galaxy, but it doesn’t work for this character who is much better on a small scale doling out personal justice. 

If you’re not worried about a cogent plot, elements that don’t add up, confusing action, then The Girl in the Spider Web is for you. 

Rating: Rent/Stream it. It’s cool enough to see what they did with a Hollywood version of the book. But instead, see the much better Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or the Swedish versions of the same films. 

Tex Shelters

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