Movie Reviews

This page is the new site for movie reviews by Tex Shelters.

Since so much of the film industry is based on money, costs and earnings.

I  created my own rating system to make use of that:

  • I want my money back. This rarely used rating is for the worst of the worst films.
  • Stream it. This rating is for films that if you get to see it for free, why not. There may be some entertainment in it for you. However, there is little reason to see this film on a large screen.
  • Matinee. It’s something to see on a large screen, but don’t spend to much time on it.
  • Pay Full Price. This is for a film that needs to be seen on a large screen as is worth spending full freight. It’s for clearly good films.
  • Pay Full Price; See it Twice. I have giving this rating out maybe three times. This is for the most excellent films that are worth seeing multiple times and have few faults.
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