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Enough already about 9/11

In Current Events, History on September 9, 2010 at 05:45

I kicked an Englishman in the balls today in remembrance of Bloody Sunday and the atrocities there. I burnt Oxford editions of the collected works of Shakespeare, the British playwright of terror, for good measure.

Throwing bricks through the window of a sushi restaurant satisfied my lust to get back at the Japanese for Pearl Harbor. I do that every December 7. Then I had to smash this big snouted Roman in the nose for their besting the Celtic leader, Queen Boudicca. I stabbed a priestly cab driver for all the pedophilia and betrayal by other Catholic priests.

Then I gathered some patriots to spit on some Christians as they left their holy church of terrorist training for bombing Oklahoma City’s Federal Building. We also spray painted “Jesus Freaks” on the side of several Christian terrorist training centers. It was the Protestants that killed my Irish ancestors, so we had to go on and burn a few Christian churches (and their terrorist training manual, the Bible) in the process. That will show those Prods that we are right and they are wrong.

Honor the dead, but don’t use their deaths as an excuse to hate, discriminate, hurt and kill others.

Self proclaimed super patriot’s scream, “We must never forget.” Forget what? Forget that you irrationally fear and hate all Muslims based on the actions of a tiny group of fundamentalists?

I know I am going to get some flack for this, but shut up about 9/11 already. I also sense that I am saying what many others out there have been thinking.

How about using the historical tragedy as a call to promote peace. Or is that too close to the original message of Jesus?

The article “The United States of Fear” states well how we have sold out our freedoms in the name of fear.

Read what Moosehammer has to say about the Qu’ran burning folks.
Or read about the “Remember 9/11 and hate on all Muslims” crowd.

Tex Shelters