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Okay then, Let’s regulate Guns like many want to regulate Abortion

In Economics, Human Rights and the Constitution on February 4, 2011 at 00:17

Before you go off half-cocked or get your pistols in a bunch, I know the difference between having an abortion and owning a gun. This is not a shot in the dark, it is aimed satire. If you don’t want to read the complete posting and want to shoot your mouth off without all the facts, prepare to be Texified.

Let’s regulate Guns like many want to regulate Abortion

1. Some in state leadership around the nation want an outright ban on abortion, thus they should also call for an outright ban on guns. That would be the pro-life stance, after all.

2. Some Senators want a 24-hour waiting period on all abortions. So, why don’t they also support a 24-hour waiting period on gun purchases?

3. Anti-choice groups want TRAPs (target regulation for abortion providers) for clinics that provide reproductive services, a small part of which are abortions. We should thus have TRAPs, (targeted regulation for arms providers). Like for abortion providers, we can add countless and difficult hurdles to buying a gun thus turn people away from gun ownership and saving lives.

4. Anyone who wants a gun should have to have extensive counseling sessions on the risks of gun ownership with graphic pictures of mass shootings and botched suicides with survivors with half blown off faces. That would be only fair since many conservatives want submit women seeking their reproductive rights to the same treatment.

5. Make it a felony to transport a gun over a state border like it is a felony to transport a minor over state line to practice her reproductive rights.

6. Counsel prospective gun owners on “gun victim pain”, with videos of deaths in mass U.S. shootings, interviews of the surviving family members and pictures and interviews with those mutilated in shootings just like anti-choice groups want to have “fetal pain counseling”.

7. Take away people’s health care coverage for any gun related incident, regardless of who was responsible for the shooting, like some providers do for abortion coverage. Charge gun owners double (or more) for health insurance if they own a gun like is proposed for women who have had abortions.

8. Mandatory psyche exam for potential gun ownership like anti-choice groups want for women.

9. Parental consent for gun ownership like they want for women seeking to terminate their pregnancy.

Most gun owners wouldn’t accept those restrictions on their ownership. Then why do we allow those restrictions to be put on a woman’s right to choose?

Besides, if you ban abortions, only the rich will get safe ones.

Special Note to those who are pro-choice:

No one is pro-abortion and reducing the need for abortions is a main goal of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, in fact, of everyone. Use “pro-choice” and “anti-choice”, please.

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