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Howard Dean Defends Bigots, Update

In Current Events, Human Rights and the Constitution on August 23, 2010 at 00:42

As a super agnostic, I don’t care about the god debate. It gets in the way of real issues. As a religious libertarian, I say let people build a house of worship wherever they legally can. Christians certainly have built churches all over the world, and on sacred sites. And it’s debatable that this site or any other is sacred beyond being labeled so my humans. It’s also a property issue, for all you libertarians against the community center.

Many people have told me that we need to listen to those with reasonable objections to the Muslim community center. Well, I have yet to hear a reasonable objection to the center’s construction. So far it’s just stereotyping about Islam, fear, bigotry, ignorance and hatred. That is not what I can reasonable.

And being emotional about 9/11 is also NOT a reasonable objection. It’s an emotion, not evidence of harm that the center would cause. It’s evidence of the grief the 9/11 terrorists caused, not Muslims in New York, many who share your grief.

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