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Open Letter to Jan Brewer regarding Transplants

In Current Events, Economics on November 24, 2010 at 20:52

Governor Brewer:

You have now passed Arnold Schwartzenegger on my list of best Governors ever! I hope you understand that former Governors Presidents Nixon and Reagan are above you on my list, but I’m crossing my fingers that you become President some day too!

I am writing to tell you “congratulations” on beating that Democrat, or should I say “communist”, Goddard to stay our governor. I also want to thank you for calling a spade a spade and a criminal a criminal by making it legal to put Mexicans in jail, where they belong, for being Mexican. Good for you!

But recently you and your patriotic team of real Arizonans, the Republicans, have done one better. You have made the hard choices on the budget. Not only have you cut education for citizens too stupid to get educated the first time by eliminating the adult education budget for the worthless dropouts, you have made the hard choices about life and death, just like the Creator had to when he chose Noah to build the arc.

Your latest budget cut out transplants from the ACCCHS budget, saving the state $5 million. Thanks for making those cuts from those life saying and wasteful procedures. People don’t deserve to live if they don’t have health care. Good for you for passing a budget that lets these slackers die. And good for you for not bowing to the blackmail of the U.S. Government that wanted to bribe you with $15 million in matching funds if Arizona could find that $5 million dollars for transplants in the budget.

And while I am in the thanking mood, thanks in advance for spending that $1.7 million to fix that stadium roof. Without football, we’re nothing. Now that’s money well spent.  http://www.pensitoreview.com/2010/11/22/gop-az-gov-brewer-legislature-kill-funding-for-transplants-for-uninsured/

Stay the course, and perhaps one day you will pass Nixon on my best Governors list!

Tex Shelters

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