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Twas the Night Before Christmas—a Tex Shelters version for 2010

In Current Events, Economics, Humor on December 17, 2010 at 18:32

Twas the Night Before Christmas—a Tex Shelters version for 2010

(Play the audio while you read along: sorry, couldn’t link the audio only version, yet)

Twas the Night before Christmas, when all through the House
failed ideas were stirring, from Congressmen’s mouths
platitudes were spun by the podium with care
that deficits would be cut with John Boehner there

The billionaires were nested in their diamond-crusted toboggans
While visions of slave labour danced in their noggins
Obama and Clinton tried hard to run this village
along with corporate pirates on their long winter’s pillage

When out on the mall I heard such a noise
Glenn Beck held a rally for his Tea Party boys
Holding signs with slogans calling Obama a commie
crying for Santa, Jesus and their mommy

The media shone on the new-minted star
“Republicans love America more, by far”
When from my bloodshot eyes should arise
riding bloodless horses were death’s allies in human disguise

Came a buxom hot driver, so delightful and spunky
I knew in a moment that she was no flunky
More rapid than glaciers her clever quips came
faster than teen pregnancy Sarah Palin met fame

Now Koch, now Wal-Mart, now Citigroup and Kaiser,
On AmEx, On Goldman Sachs, On AIG, and Pfizer
To the top of the Congressional steps, to the top of the list
Now take away, take away, take legislative gifts

As the empty cupboards in the recession they dry
When they meet the Congressman who loves to cry
So up to the lobbyists the Congressmen flew
every year the donations and the lobbying grew

And then in a cheer I heard from the rich
The dancing on graves in delight made them twitch
As democracy died and was hitting the ground
in our pockets and bank accounts the plutocrats bound

They were dressed up in gold from their teeth to their soles
felt they deserved our money, they were brutishly bold
a bundle of bills have been written for them
then they took all our clothes, down to the hem

Their eyes did shimmer, their portfolios merry
they took from the government, they were never wary
that they would pay for the benefits they got
if you own Congress, you’ll never get caught

On their list of excuses for taking such wealth
Was that it was good for everyone, the economies health
They said if the government stopped all their plunder
The economy would falter; it would be a blunder

They became chubby and fat on all of our cash
ending their tax cuts would be too rash
they promised that there would be no more jobs
if we tried to make sure they couldn’t rob

They’d say that the tax cuts created work
if you disagreed with facts, you were a big jerk
And sticking their fingers inside our nose
They gave a nod to Congress as their profits rose

Congress stopped payments, to those unemployed
This part of the job they really enjoyed
increasing the suffering and holiday plight
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

Tex Shelters