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Obama is NOT like Bush

In Current Events, Election Politics on April 1, 2011 at 06:27

No matter how many wars Obama supports, he is nothing like Bush.

No matter how many Wall Street insiders Obama has had on his economic team, Obama is NOT like Bush. (Bush had is Paulson and others, Obama had his Geithner, and other economic advisers from Wall Street) link

No matter how long Obama extends the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, he is NOTHING like Bush.

No matter how many excuses Obama makes for keeping Guantanamo open, he is NOTHING like Bush.

No matter how many times Obama signs an extension of the Patriot Act, he is NOTHING like Bush.

No matter how Obama supports the indefinite detentions of the Bush years, he is NOT like Bush at all.

No matter how many policies of George Bush that Obama continues, he is nothing like Bush.

No matter how many Obama apologists ignore how his policies are similar or the same to George Bush’s policies, he is nothing like Bush. Just thinking, hoping and praying that an Obama presidency is a completely new direction and change from the Bush politics and policies makes it true.

If you think Obama is like Bush to even the slightest degree like Bush because he continues Bush’s policies, wars, has failed to help the unemployed and address housing crisis, if you dare compare Obama to Bush, then you are being divisive.

Don’t you know that Bush went to Yale and Obama went to Harvard, and that has made all the difference.

Besides, Obama is taller, is better looking, and he is Black. He’s nothing like Bush.

Note: If you think I just wrote that Obama and Bush are the same, you have missed the point by generalizing from specific statements. Read it again.

New Link: Obama hires the CEO of GE, a company that made over $14 billion dollars without paying taxes and asking for $3.2 billion return, to run his “Council on Job and Competitiveness.” This after GE has sent several thousand workers packing as he sent jobs overseas. Great hire President Obama. http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/03/30

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