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A Reason to Vote for Democrats this Fall, or Screw the Congress

In Current Events, Election Politics on October 15, 2010 at 18:04

The progressive Democrats in Congress are the only bulwark against President Obama passing even more conservative legislation. You may laugh, and hopefully you will, but I and a few others said in the summer and fall of 2009 that Obama didn’t have the political courage to back up his rhetoric with action. Now, it has come to pass.

Remember when dearly beloved Bill Clinton had to deal with a Republican House in 1994 when Newt’s Republican revolution took over the house. That was when Clinton was able to push Welfare to Work in 1996, with the help of the new Republicans. The idea of “accountability” in the Welfare to Work is very Republican and deluded. The thought was that people won’t look for work if you don’t force them and that we should cut slackers off if they can’t find a job after a finite period. How’s that working for the long term jobless now?

In the same way, a Republican house will now free up Obama to push his conservative policies. These include:

1.  More charter schools, merit pay, and more testing. That will of course mean more spending on testing and more millions for test makers like McGraw-Hill.

2. Green energy, what green energy? Unless there is big oil money to make with green energy, green jobs won’t appear under Obama with a Conservative John Boehner led House.

3. Don’t ask; don’t tell? Gay folks can go to hell. Rhyming aside, I’m with Dan Savage when he said that he wasn’t sure Obama really wanted to end “don’t ask; don’t tell” and have full rights for homosexuals in the military. Without a house urging him on, Obama will be even less inclined to end the policy put in place by…Bill Clinton.

4. Freeze on social spending. I can feel a chill coming over me.

5. Militarize the Mexican border. In Arizona’s 8th Congressional district we have two choices: A Republican who wants to get rid of social security and militarize the border, and a Democrat who wants to keep social security and militarize the border. If we had more parties, I wouldn’t have to make such and onerous choice.

6. Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. Without a crazy Democratic run House discussing resolutions against war (I’m talking to you Dennis Kucinich), Obama won’t have to deal with uppity progressives who should just “buck up” and “stop whining” anyway.

7. Keep on spying, keep on bombing, keep on detaining, and keep up the renditions and hit squads. Yes, to Obama’s defense, he never said he would stop the hit squads. None of these things will change and there will be no House opposition to them.

8. An “Insurance Company Protection Act” that would protect health insurance companies from future attempts to pass universal health care. Yes, you heard it here first.

9. Offshore oil drilling in California. Even if Jerry “moon beam” Brown is elected as Governor, there will be a big push by the Obama administration to hand out exploratory leases for oil drilling in California. Bye, bye to California’s beach tourism.

10. Net neutrality will be a goner. Obama doesn’t really care about it, in fact, I bet Obama and Biden would love to get rid of net neutrality to shut up those “professional liberals”.

11. Wow, the withdrawal from Iraq really wasn’t? And that deadline for leaving Afghanistan just went away. Can’t anger the military contractor donors now, can we?

12. Republicans will “Acorn” moveon.org by creating a phony scandal, thus forcing them to shut down. And Obama will shrug because moveon.org didn’t really help him get elected anyway.

13. In 2012, Obama will join the Republican Party and renounce himself as a Nigerian Hitler Stalinist Witch Doctor.

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