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Extend the Bush Tax Cuts if you know what’s good for you

In Current Events, Economics, Election Politics on August 30, 2010 at 04:28

We need more money. And I am NOT talking about the royal we or Nintendo Wii, I am talking about the top class we, the top earning in this nation such as the Waltons and Gates families. The ruling classes are suffering from neglect. We are suffering in heck. In order to counter terrorism, we need to extend the tax cuts for the top 2%. This will also help small businesses since we know that small businesses that earn over $250,000 make up at least 3% of small businesses. We must use the misleading idea of protecting small business as a way to promote massive tax cuts for big business.

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Notice the truthiness of this video that I am talking about here. You see, if a billionaire like me has his tax cut eliminated, they will go after your tax cut next. And by the way, my taxes being is all you should worry about.

We must remember that letting the tax cuts expire for the richest 2% is a tax hike on everyone even if the tax cuts for the 98% rest of America would be extended. Really people, the rich IS America, and if you think that’s not true, why don’t you move to the Muslim Soviet States of Nazis where Obama came from.

The “Bush” tax cuts in no way affected the deficit. The only reason there was increased deficits during the Bush years was too many Democrats insisted that the federal government do things for the nation. These selfish Americans refused to live life without being educated, and that taxes our budgets. If Democrats only home schooled their children like Patriotic Americans instead of schooling their children on the public dollar, the deficits wouldn’t be so high. Also, planes are safe enough without having to pay for federal agents to inspect planes and passengers. And air traffic control? We don’t need that. It’s expensive. And pilots don’t need federal licenses to fly when they can easily get licenses on the Internet. Food inspections are for wimps with weak immune systems. And coal and gas plants can just regulate themselves as do the mining companies.

But NOOOO! Democrats demand that the government functions to protect people, at least some do, which is more than I can say for most Republicans. Republicans understand that we don’t need a nanny state protecting us from powerful interests that would dump even more mercury in our water if they had the chance. If you aren’t healthy enough to live with a little toxic waste in your water or can’t afford your own water supply, then you might as well die. What good are you to America anyway?

The deficit had nothing to do with the Bush tax cuts like so many economists have said, and it certainly had nothing to do with the wars. It was greedy Americans asking for things that have put us in dept. So save the tax cuts for the worthy Americans.

Here’s a letter you can copy and paste to tell your congressman what you feel.

Dear Senator ________:

As you have seen on Fox News, the most important issue facing Americans today is whether the rich will retain their tax cuts. You can help make that happen and protect your jobs as well.

As you realize, the Supreme Court defended the rights of the well off like me to give millions of dollars to the campaign of my choice. So, if you don’t support my right to shirk taxes and not pay for the benefits I get from society, I will buy ads against your candidacy pointing out how you want to raise taxes and ruin our economy. And since the Disclosure Act was blocked in the Senate, I won’t even have to put my name on the ads.

So if you love America and your job, you will extend my tax cuts.

Yours, for now,
Tex Shelters

Congressional switchboard 800-828-0498

Just ask for the office of your Senator or Representative
House of Representatives: http://www.house.gov/house/house_comments.shtml

Senate: http://www.senate.gov/

Find your Congressperson here:

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