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Pet Peeves of 2010—My Lewis Black self-indulgent moment

In Current Events, Entertainment, History on December 31, 2010 at 21:45

Here is a list of pet peeves for 2010. They are all tied for first place and not ranked.

Obama’s bipartisanship: Republican Party rigidness.

“Obamacare”—the name, the discussion, the fake debate, the delay in implementation, the bill itself.

Vegetarians who think anyone who eats meat is an insensitive bastard who doesn’t know how “cruel it is” to eat meat.

People who comment on my articles and videos who think insults are facts.

Air guitar and the affiliated air instruments.

Tribute bands. I can’t wait for my trip to Vegas to see the Miley Cyrus Experience and Boy II Men Again tribute shows.

Heroes substituting for good social policy. Good thing we have all those people feeding the poor during the holidays because we have a tax policy that allows jobs to go overseas. Yea America! Way to love thy neighbor folks.

People who get congratulated for covering a song someone else wrote just because the song they covered is a good one even if their version sucks. I especially love it when people like Celine Dion tries to be hard by singing “You shook me all night Long” or Pat Boone sings from his heavy metal album.

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The rules for capitalization state that the word “Internet” gets a capital letter. Was that the proper name the military gave it? Why don’t we capitalize “Radio” and “Television” then?

People who don’t teach telling teachers how to teach. Moreover, I have disdain for anyone that implements an expensive testing regimen before finding out if the tests are valid or test student achievement. Well, if you are trying to test memorization and test taking skills, mission accomplished.

Movies about boxing. Shouldn’t writers and directors have stopped those projects after Raging Bull came out?

People who thank God (or Jesus) for winning a football game or winning a Grammy or any other personally aggrandizing pursuit. Do you really think that the mythical man in the sky really cares about sports and awards?

I’m tired of people being tired of vampires and Harry Potter.

When do I get my own talk show?

Articles based on quotes instead of articles about substantive issues. Why is what Sarah Palin, John Boehner, Christine O’Donnell or Glenn Beck said news? At least Boehner will soon be speaker of the house, god bless him.

Capitalizing the word god when you are a non-believer.

Scapegoating immigrants for everything from lack of jobs to tooth decay.

Too much Mark Zuckerberg and not enough Aung San Suu Kyi.

John McCain. I’m not sure who the man is any more than he knows who he is. Aren’t you ready for your tribute in the Senate yet Mr. McCain? At least Jon Kyl has been consistently bigoted and racist plutocrat his whole life.

News about how the middle class is suffering. What about the poor? Yea, I know, they don’t vote or give you money or work in the Fortune 500 companies as your lumpen prols.

Lies about taxes. Taxes ate my baby!!

Homophobia. Sure, they’re not homophobic if they are against gay marriage, gays in the military or think gays can be cured. It’s okay if you want to call it religious bigotry and not homophobia. You decide.

Racism denial by racists. And everyone in prison is innocent too.

Drone attacks.

The Bill of Rights can be ignored when it suits the narrow agenda of the powerful. Examples: unlawful detentions, spying, extrajudicial assassinations, banning a legally permitted mosque, etc.

Jon Stewart being one of the only sources of sane commentary on television. Luckily for you, you are reading my blog where sane commentary and humility reign.

The royal family’s return to prominence because Prince William is getting married. Why do people in Britain and America (and Australia?) care so much about the royals? Is Manchester United having a bad football season in London, or what? Don’t they get MTV and Lady Gaga videos in Great Britain and the Commonwealth?

References in articles to people few people know, like Lewis Black.


Tex Shelters

Happy 2011 y’all!