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Tex Shelters’s Pet Peeves of the 2011

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I ordered these for editorial reasons; they are not ranked. The list is not all inclusive, but they are issues I have experience with and might amuse you. So on with the winners!

Google has slowly crept into almost every aspect of the blogosphere and internet. Soon, you will have to log-in to Google to take a shit in your own home.

The use of the term “pro-life” and “pro-abortion”
People who use the term pro-life to define themselves are usually just pro-fetus. Many of them don’t care if a woman dies as long as the fetus is protected and are the same people who support cuts to education, school lunch programs, immunizations, pell grants, ADFC, and other programs that aid children. And, the forced-birth crowd is often for the death penalty and against health care. So much for “pro-life”. Moreover, nobody is “pro-abortion.” No one is lining up to have an abortion as if they were lining up for Jay-Z tickets. The idea that anyone is pro-abortion is just a lie that ignores the reality of choice in the United States.

Certainly, this could be a pet peeve any year, but the forced-birthers are endangering the lives of half the population to a higher degree than ever by challenging legal and safe medical procedures.  And, the way the argument is framed is part of the reason they get away with it.

Congress ignores the needs of the people to pander to the 1%. Republicans in Congress spent much of 2010 talking about the deficit and trying to find ways to cut social spending, thus increase unemployment during a recession. In the first half of this year, Republicans spent much of the year still focused on cuts until Occupy Wall Street gathered steam and media attention and helped change the debate from deficits to equity, jobs, and bank criminality. As Republicans took charge of the agenda after winning a majority in the House, Democrats either cheerfully joined in or passively sat by. Let’s hope Congress listens to the people and their needs in 2012.

People who write about the Occupy Movement but have never been to a camp or read the literature provided by various movements
Would you trust a movie reviewer who never saw the movie they are writing about? Then why trust “journalists” who write about the Occupy Movement but have never visited a camp? These critics talk about something they haven’t even experienced, first or secondhand. This also goes for many members of the general public as well who buy into the lies about the movement. One of the most misguided comments I heard was “people only go to Occupy Wall Street to hook up.” Yes, that’s where I would go for a date too, cause all that talk about a widening income gap, buying on margin, and increasing poverty and homelessness gets the ladies and gentlemen hot!

Anyone who refuses to look at conservative decisions and policies made by President Obama and then turns around and blames those who criticize Obama for his decisions are Obampoligists™. They criitcize anyone who disagrees with Obama on one policy area or another as misguided fools who don’t realize that a Republican would be worse than a Obama. Sorry folks, we know Obama would be better than the current crop of Republican candidates, but he’s not better than say, Reagan. Being better than a Republican doesn’t make you a good president any more than being a better singer than William Shatner means you should win a grammy.

People who write unsupported statements online as if they are facts and don’t provide links or evidence for what they are saying
If you don’t have anything nice to say, at least back up your comments with facts or links or posts or something. Otherwise, you are wasting everyone’s time. That also goes for positive but unsubstantiated claims as well.

The idea that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme
People who think Social Security is a Ponzi scheme know little about either. Let me make it simple: In Ponzi scheme, you put money into an investment and the money actually goes into the pockets of the schemer and you receive a portion of what you invest as “dividends” with promises that you will reap more later if only you invested more. Social Security taxes, on the other hand, are put into a low yield trust for later use and the money you put in is what you are guaranteed later. And unlike a Ponzi scheme, people are getting their money from the Social Security Trust Fund.

Ron Paul supporters
Ron Paul is apparently the best thing since sliced bread for his supporters. But he is a racist who has a few things correct. He wants to end the minimal wage, get rid of a woman’s right to choose, he wants to privatize education, and opposes the separation of church and state among other things.

Sure, I don’t like other Republican (or Democratic) candidates, but the blind allegiance people have to Paul is the real version of the fantasy Obama-messiah complex. However, no one goes anybody go around calling out the followers of the Paulist religion. No, that would be heresy.  People prattle on and on again and again about how Ron Paul is the answer to our problems. If he is the answer, what is the question? Paul is only the answer because the other Republican candidates have no credibility on any issue, and at least Paul can stand by his long held anti-war and fiscally conservative stances in the past. His positions on many issues are well thought out compared to the other GOP candidates. But hey, even I look tan next to an albino.

The use of the term Nazi
Republicans have called President Obama nearly everything, including “Nazi”. The IRS, Occupy Wall Street, all government, Democrats and Republicans have all been called Nazi this year. The Nazis were a one off historical organization and nothing will ever be like the Nazis. If you need a term, although I wouldn’t use this one without reason, use “fascist.”

Promoting the misuse of the term “Nazi” distorts history and promotes ignorance, as is exemplified when a fourteen year old boy was beaten by bullies in a suburban Denver school as they called him “Nazi” for being German and “Fag” for liking musical theater.    This is disturbing in many ways, and sidesteps the fact that Nazis killed homosexuals by the thousands in WWII.  But history seldom trumps racism and homophobia. Even Democrats joined the chorus of people misusing the label “Nazi” as Rep. Cohen (an ironically Jewish sir name), compared Republican tactics against health care to Nazi tactics. 

People who don’t read my online articles
No, seriously, thanks to my dozens of readers and I wish you all a happy New Year. Please post your own pet peeves below or link this to other social media sites with a click of your mouse.


Tex Shelters

Rick Perry, Death, and Hypocrisy

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In 1989, Rick Perry gets the fateful call of duty. Perry picks up the phone as the clock strikes midnight.

Perry: Hello?

Death: Rick.

Perry: Who is this?

Death: Death

Perry: Come on, who is this, Larry? Larry from A&M?

Death: It’s death.

Perry: (mocking) Okay Larry…death, what do ya want?

Death: You looked hot in that Hitler uniform in college. Reminds me of the good old days back in Germany…

Perry: Wha…?

Death (continues): much hotter than that cheerleading costume…

Perry: Who IS this?

Death:  You show real potential, but your going to have to leave the Democratic party to realize it. Remember when you killed those ants with the magnifying glass. I could sense the real joy you felt in your heart giving those ants what they deserve. And that time at the funeral of House Speaker Sam Rayburn of your home state, you so wanted the power over life and death.  Life and death is my area of expertise, but you felt that yearning.

Perry: Yes.

Death: I want to help you realize your full potential. I want to put you in the Governor’s mansion in Texas to ensure those on death row die.

Perry: (Excited, like he watching ants die) Yes.

Death: (Smiling inside) Yes. I have some other missions for you. First, you must leave the Democratic party and join the party of Death, the Gravediggers Own Party. Sure, I work with Democrats as well, but with them, it’s always compromise. If I have to kill a few million in Cambodia, can I at least “save some starving Africans”.

Perry: And if I change to Republican, you can help me get in the Governors Mansion?

Death: I would kill to have someone like you running Texas, ha ha, in fact I will kill. And if you heed my words, perhaps even the White House is in the offing.

Forward to February 13 to February 14, 2004. Perry is up late reading an evidence report. The curtains in his den billow out, and Perry sees a ghostly shape he hasn’t seen since his successful election for Governor. Death appears to Perry.

Death: Hello Rick. You know what to do with the evidence exonerating Cameron Todd Willingham, correct?  Besides, what do scientists know about fire that I don’t know. Accidental or not, he still started that fire, and…(waiting for Perry to finish his sentence)

Perry: …he deserves to die. (on his knees) Yes my lord. I must ignore the evidence, ignore science, ignore the capital punishment statute, and have faith in you. But how do you know the fire wasn’t intentional?

Death: (in a threatening tone) I WAS THERE. Remember, I am death.

Perry: But you want me to kill Willingham anyway?

Death: Yes, death always wants death, as should you. Besides it’s his time. God told me (chuckles to himself).

Perry: And then you’ll let me be President.

Death: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I already have the deal with Bush in place. So, are you a man of science, or a man of faith. Be careful how you answer.

Perry: My faith in you got me elected to office…

At that moment, Perry’s wife Anita comes into the room and interrupts.

Anita: Rick, you okay. Who are you talking to?

Perry: (surprise, but making a quick recovery) Uh, yes, just praying.

A couple of years later Death makes an impromptu visit to Perry while he is cleaning his favorite Colt 45.

Death: Hello Rick. (Perry jumps) Good job making cuts to the health care system. Texas will now have the lowest rate of insured in the nation. You make me proud. And as you know, less insured people means they will die an early death.

Perry: Well, we can’t afford…

Death: Cut the crap Rick. You did it because it makes our buddies, the plagues of conservatism, happy. And it quickens the apocalypse, which we can both agree will be a great day.

Perry: Yes. (Perry looks around the garage to make sure his wife isn’t looking on).

Death: And good job on those gun regulations, especially the guns on campus bill. That should get me a few new costumers soon. Here’s hoping. You’ve done such a good job keeping those executions rolling that I have an idea to make the state money I’ll pass along to you. It’s called dead peasants insurance. I suggest you start with insuring teachers, since they will soon have guns in their class rooms. You take out life insurance on them, and when they die, for whatever reason, the insurance goes to the state. I can help with the death, by the way.

Perry: I’ll get right on it. Thank you lord. Get life insurance for the teachers, then cash in. Only death could come up with a plan like that.

Death: One more thing. I love that Texas miracle. Low wage jobs for everyone! Low wages, low health, no insurance and high deaths. And the people believe the economy is gangbusters in Texas, but we both know that Texas undercuts the other states for those minimum wage jobs and avoids those terrible life affirming unions. (death smiles his boney grin) You make me so happy Rick.

Death meets Perry backstage at the Republican debate in 2011.

Death: Remember, I will be in your head, so when they ask you the tough questions about the capital punishment, I’ll be right there with you.

Perry: And I’m here for you lord.

Herb Cain catches Perry in contemplation.

Cain: It’s alway good to call on your lord in times of stress, like I do when I pray about what to do with Muslims.

Death laughs.

At the Republican Debate at Reagan Library, Rick Perry stood up for death. When asked about all the people he allowed to be executed by the state of Texas,“In the state of Texas, our citizens have made that decision…and they don’t want you to commit those crimes against our citizens, and if you do, you will face the ultimate justice.”

After the debate, Governor Perry tweets death: “Thanks for the hand out there, oh lord.”

Death tweets back: “Any time my son.”

Less than a week later at the Tampa Tea Party debate, death whispers into Ron Paul’s ear, “we can’t help everyone, that’s the risk people take when they don’t buy healthcare…”


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Tex Shelters