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The Tex Shelters’ completely valid short IQ Test

In Education on September 29, 2010 at 16:50

Formal testing for intelligence started back in 1904 when psychologist Alfred Binet was hired by the French government to create a test to determine which children were below average ability in order to get them specialized education. The scale Binet created was quickly put to use as a tool not to discriminate between different abilities but as a tool used to discriminate against immigrants, blacks, and social outcasts.

“H.H. Goddard was the first person to make Binet’s scale popular in America. However, Goddard distorted Binet’s scale and relied on it to identify the allegedly intellectually defective people in the country; he even relied on his preconceived notions to label these individuals “feeble-minded” and “morons” from the Greek word meaning foolish. All people whose actions went against moral behavior were designated “morons.” These people included criminals, alcoholics, and prostitutes…

Most of these people failed the test, and Goddard believed it was due to their lack of intelligence. However, many of these people never went to school, and few could speak English.


Not only were tests given in English for non-English speaking immigrants, the test included questions about U.S. sports not played in Europe (or elsewhere in the world), and consisted of U.S. objects not found elsewhere. Imagine going to Russia and taking a test with pictures of famous Russian landmarks only in Russian. You too would be deemed “feeble-minded”.

And the invalid test results were used to support the twisted logic of eugenics,

Lewis M. Terman also perverted Binet’s scale…Terman’s goal was to test everyone and then sort them into roles he conceived as suitable for their level of intelligence. Terman believed that society must first eliminate the feeble-minded and those people whose intelligence was too low for them to be able to lead an effective life.

For more on the current cultural bias of IQ and other standardized tests, go here.


Now, on to the Tex Shelters Standardized Aptitude Test (TSSAT).  It’s a completely valid IQ test, as valid as the others. You cannot use a dictionary, a calculator nor the Internet to look up the answers. Answers follow.

Tex Shelters IQ Test

  1. Two politicians travel toward Washington, D.C. by train. Senator Jim DeMint travels from South Carolina after meeting with his fellow servicemen to gain support for Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell and Vice President Biden takes the train from Delaware after meeting with Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. Who arrives in Washington, D.C. first if DeMint’s train travels at an average speed of 55 mph and Biden’s train travels at an average speed of 40 mph (taking into account the various stops in the NE for Biden’s train)?
  2. Name two reasons to be against the New York City “Mosque at Ground Zero.”
  3. Finish this sentence: The Republicans are the Party of “NO”, the Democrats are the party of _________.”
  4. What city was selected as the most liberal in 2008?
  5. How do we know the mainstream media is liberal?
    1. Keith Olbermann
    2. The owners are all wealthy corporations that constantly consider the plight of the America people over their profit margin.
    3. The lack of pro-apocalyptic radio and television programming
    4. Sex and drugs and Rock and Roll and other immoral behavior on television proves that television is liberal because only liberals like those things and thus they are pandering to liberal tastes, not trying to sell more advertising.
    5. Bill O’Reilly told me on the mainstream media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlNj8nbtwG8
    6. None of above.
  6. We all know that Iran is a dangerous threat to us. What country is the most dangerous threat to our American way of life?
  7. Name the most liberal stance to be avoided.
    1. Abortions within the first 23 weeks for raped women or when women would die if they bring a child to term.
    2. Background checks for gun ownership in an effort to weed out the criminals from buying guns or selling them to other criminals.
    3. Installing solar panels on your house.
    4. Believing in evolution.
    5. Being a liberal.
  8. Define “stimulus”?
  9. Mind is to thought as Republican is to____________.

10.  Which word doesn’t fit with the others:

  1. Business
  2. Apple
  3. Person
  4. Partnership
  5. Caterpillar

11.  What is the difference between a bomb attack by drone or a bomb attack by car?

12.  Why did John Lennon write, “I am the Walrus”?

13.  Who is more moral, an atheist or a believer in God?

14.  51 is to Republican as 60 is to ____________.

15.  Why is standardized testing a poor way to evaluate students?

  1. It tests facts not knowledge.
  2. It tests memorization not thinking.
  3. It tests how well students test and not the knowledge or understanding they possess of the material.
  4. It tests cultural knowledge and not academic ability.
  5. All of the above.

Remember, I am scaling this and that is what counts.

Please also take the Chitlin Test before looking at the answers. One clue to the answers to the Chitlin test  is that it was written in 1969.

Chitlin Test short version


Now the Answers and the scale to the Tex Shelters Valid IQ Test for Geniuses

1. This question has no valid answer. Republican Jim DeMint was never in the military thus he can’t talk to “fellow servicemen”, and Joe Biden already beat Republican Christine O’Donnell in an election and would never talk to her privately. Beside, Biden is an elite who now rides a helicopter.

2.  1) It’s not a mosque, and 2) it’s not at ground zero.

3. Best answer is to leave it blank because Democrats don’t stand for much. However, the words cowards, wimps, nothing, maybe, or “it depends on what the latest poll says” are all acceptable answers.

4. Detroit, Mi. Their liberal sin in Detroit coupled with their unionists, hip swinging Motown music and (black) mayoral fornications explain why these sinners have a bad economy. Sin led them to economic ruin. (link)

5. I know you libtards think it’s F. That’s because you are libtard. But the real answer is E. If Bill O’Reilly said it, so it’s got to be true.

6. The United States of America.

7. E. Of course, even leftists know that being a liberal is the one thing liberals must avoid in order not to be liberal.

8. According to Christine O’Donnell, stimulus is something you shouldn’t do to the economy or yourself. She’s not touching.

She’s the female Republican Paul Krugman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7qDABDvXtk&feature=related

9. Deficits. Minds can’t help but create thoughts and Republicans can’t help but create deficits. Now you might say, “but what about Obama’s deficit?” Well, he’s only had two years to screw it up, and Clinton reduced the debt and ended with a surplus. Clinton was a Democrat. (link)

10. Person, because it is the only word that doesn’t refer to a corporation. A corporation is a business, or it could be a partnership, and Apple and Caterpillar are corporations. But a corporation is not a person.

11. One patriotically kills terrorists, as far as we know, from safe distance; the other is placed in a civilian area by coward terrorists who want to kill patriots.

12. Lennon wrote “I am the Walrus” as a response to professors in England who used The Beatles’ songs and lyrics for analysis in literature classes.  “Analyze this!” he must have been saying. Plus, Lennon was an illiterate commie pot smoking hippie. He must have been in an acid haze or having a bad trip hopped up on smack when he wrote that. I know nothing about that.

13. It depends on your religion. What, you expected me to say it depends on the person? Muslims are the most immoral, followed by Agnostics, Atheists (at least they take a stand, unlike agnostics), Buddhists, Others, Jews (unless you are a Zionist warmonger kill Arabs and Muslims). Catholics are okay as long as they leave the Pope out of our debates. Evangelical apocalyptic cults based on the Old Testament are the best.

14. Democrat. It only took 51 votes for most of the bills to get through the Senate when President Bush was in office. Now due to the filibuster and the Republican fear to debate issues, it takes 60 votes for the Democrats to pass most things in the Senate. Thus, 51 is to Republican as 60 is to Democrat.

15. E—All of the Above of course.

Scale based on number correct. Remember, all decisions are final.

0-5: Feeble minded, definitely a libtard. Get sterilized right away.
6-10: Moron. Put down your Michael Moore book NOW and stop playing with yourself.
11-15: Marginal, probably Libertarian.
16-20: Smartish, definitely Tea Party material.
21-25: Genius, Tea Party leader with a great future.

Tex Shelters