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Extend Unemployment–NOW!

In Current Events, Economics on November 29, 2010 at 02:11

By the End of the Year, if nothing is done, over two million people will lose their unemployment insurance. In less than two day, 800,000 will lose their insurance. Some will be out on the street, some will lose their homes and others will have to live without food and heat.

Unemployment Clock Here

Call Congress and tell then to do what they were hired to do: help the American people.
Congressional switchboard

Just ask for the office of your Senator or Representative
House of Representatives

Find your Congressperson here:


Don’t call on Congress to extend unemployment if you feel:

1. Unemployed people are to blame for job outsourcing and the laws passed that makes outsourcing

2. You believe that low wage/minimum wage workers make more unemployed than taking a job. It doesn’t. Unemployment only pays more to high wage workers that would have to take part time jobs at a tax cut for they have put more into the system and would get more back. Yes, for a few jobs, unemployment pays more than taking some jobs. But for the majority, it doesn’t.

3. You believe jobs are available for every unemployed person and they aren’t taking them.

4. You don’t care about Americans.

Happy Holidays.

Tex Shelters